Ronnie James Dio net worth

Ronnie James Dio net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio net worth

It has been estimated that the total sum of Ronnie James Dio net worth is as high as 10 million dollars, as of right now. He was a popular heavy metal music singer, who was born in 1942 and passed away in 2010. In addition to singing, he was a successful songwriter and this career also increased the overall amount of Ronnie James Dio net worth. Ronnie James Dio established many music groups, where he was the leading singer, such as Rainbow, Dio, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell and Elf. All of these groups not only made him more popular as a musician, but also served as important sources of increasing the total size of Ronnie James Dio net worth.
In metal music culture, Ronnie James Dio is known as the one who started the “metal horns” hand gesture. As a songwriter, his lyrics usually contained medieval topics. Ronnie James Dio was praised for his diverse ability to sing as he was able to sing hard rock songs as well as lyrical ballads.
Ronnie James Dio was born in 1942 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. However, soon, the whole family moved to Cortland, New York, where Ronnie James Dio was raised.

When he was growing up, he used to listen to opera records. His idol was American tenor Mario Lanzo. When he was 5 years old, Ronnie James Dio attended trumpet lessons. In fact, this was his only formal musical training.
When he was studying in high school, Ronnie James Dio was appearing with the school’s band and became the youngest member of the school’s official Dance Band. Also, this was the time when he started his first group called the Vegas Kings. Ronnie James Dio claimed that after graduation, he was offered a scholarship to study at the Julliard School, but he refused because he wanted to pursue his career in rock and roll music. However, he enrolled to study at the University at Buffalo, where he intended to receive his major’s degree in Pharmacology. However, he never graduated.
Ronnie James Dio was known for his powerful voice and stated that, in fact, he never attended singing lessons. After the Vegas Kings disbanded and changed the group’s name quite a few times, Ronnie James Dio created another group called Rainbow. In 1979, he left this group and became a member of Black Sabbath, which became a major success. He appeared on quite a few albums with the group, such as “Heaven and Hell” and “Mob Rules”.
In 1982, Ronnie James Dio created another band called Dio. The first album of the group was called “Holy Diver”. From this album, two singles were released, called “Holy Diver” and “Rainbow in the Dark”. Two more studio albums followed, such as “Sacred Heart” and “The Last in Line”. The sales of these albums added up some revenues to the total amount of Ronnie James Dio net worth, as well. In addition to the mentioned groups, the musician joined another project called Heaven & Hell, which also included some members of Black Sabbath.

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