Ronnie Wood net worth

Ronnie Wood net worth

Net Worth: $90 Million

About Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood net worth

Ronnie Wood is one of the most popular rock stars in the world. It has been stated that the current estimate of Ronnie Wood net worth reaches 90 million dollars. In 1975, he joined the band called “The Rolling Stones” and this is the band which made him immensely popular all around the world. It also increased the total sum of Ronnie Wood net worth. Before he joined this band, Ronnie Wood was also known as a member of two other bands, such as “Jeff Beck Group” and “Faces”.

In 1964, Ronnie Woods decided to get involved into music more seriously when he joined his ever first band called “Birds”. In this band, he was serving as a guitar player. Another group in which he was playing was called “The Creation”. However, he did not stay long in that band. In 1967, Ronnie Wood became a member of the previously mentioned band called “Jeff Beck Group”. There, he was playing bass. The band released two albums, called “Beck-Ola” and “Truth”. However, these albums did not receive major success.

After two years, the band split. However, Ronnie Wood and another member, Rod Stewart, wanted to stay in music industry and they joined another band called “Faces”.

The group became more famous in the United Kingdom and the rest countries of Europe. In 1970, the band’s first album was released, which was called “First Step”.

When this band split, Ronnie Wood started a solo career. He released his LP in 1974 which was called “I’ve Got My Own Album to Do”. Because of this album, he was hired by “The Rolling Stones”, which began to increase the overall sum of Ronnie Wood net worth. Ronnie Wood was hired by this band, when he was chosen to replace a former member of it named Mick Taylor.

In 1975, Ronnie Wood officially became the member of “The Rolling Stones” and stayed in this band since that time. In addition, he still continued his solo career at the same time when he has been a member of “The Rolling Stones”. This career has also increased the overall sum of Ronnie Wood net worth. In 1975, his production of “Now Look” was released. Four years later, another production of him was released called “Gimme Some Neck”. In 1989, Ronnie Wood’s name was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of “The Rolling Stones”.

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