Rory Kennedy net worth

Rory Kennedy net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Rory Kennedy

Rory Kennedy net worth

Rory Kennedy is a well known philanthropist and documentary film maker. It has been stated that she is also one of the richest celebrities as the total amount of the current Rory Kennedy net worth reaches 10 million dollars. In addition to making her name popular on her own, Rory Kennedy was born into a well known family as she is the youngest kid of U.S. Senator Robert Francis Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy. It is also known that she was not born yet when her father was murdered. However, she believes that her philanthropic work is a continuation of her father’s activity in charitable field. Thus, most of the documentaries which she has created concentrate on social issues. Most of her films have been broadcasted on TV and received huge viewership. Therefore, this work of hers has made her even more known and also added up to the total sum of Rory Kennedy net worth.
Rory Kennedy was born in 1968 in Washington, DC. She was born six months after Robert Francis Kennedy was murdered. She was named Rory by her mother who felt that this name sound similar to the nickname of Robert Francis Kennedy, ‘Bobby’.

Rory Kennedy was studying at The Madeira School and later at Brown University in Rhode Island.
In the 90s, he began her career when she established a non-profit organization with Vanessa Vadim, who she met at Brown University, called May Day Media. The company is focused on creating films which are about social issues. In 1994 her first documentary was released called “Women of Substance”. The film was based on a paper she wrote when she was studying in Brown University.
In 1998 she teamed up with Liz Garbus to establish Moxie Firecracker Films. The main focus of this production company is to create films which stress social issues, as well. Most of the films created under this company have also been broadcasted on TV by networks such as Discovery Channel, Lifetime, HBO and TLC, in addition to some others. These films have also added up to the overall amount of Rory Kennedy net worth.
In 1999 she released one of her most acclaimed movies, which was called “American Hollow”. She not only directed the film, but also worked as its co-producer. The film was broadcasted on HBO, as well. Rory Kennedy has also worked with her documentary film-production firm called Change the World Through Film. In 2003 she created series which were nominated for an Emmy award called “Pandemic: Facing AIDS”. The series aired on HBO.
One year later, Rory Kennedy co-produced and directed a film called “A Boy’s Life”. The film is centered on a boy and his family living in a village in Mississippi. This film was also broadcasted on HBO and got the Best Documentary award at the Woodstock Film Festival. In 2004, HBO broadcasted one more film of hers called “Indian Point: Imagining the Unimaginable”. All of the mentioned films made her name more known and added up to the overall estimate of Rory Kennedy net worth.

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