Rush Limbaugh net worth

Rush Limbaugh net worth

Net Worth: $350 Million

About Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh net worth

Rush Limbaugh, full name Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, is a former disk jockey, one of the most popular radio talk-show hosts in America and political commentator of conservative creed. He is also an author of two best-selling books, The Way Things Ought to Be and See, I Told You. Rush Limbaugh net worth is currently estimated at around $350 million.
Rush was born in 1951, in a family of Mildred Carolyn and Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Jr. His father was a war veteran, who has served as a fighter pilot during the Second World War. By profession he was a lawyer, as were many men in Limbaugh’s family: his grandfather, brother, uncle and cousin. Rush was also expected to fallow the family tradition and to become a lawyer too. However, Limbaugh had different dreams for his future and he persisted on pursuing them. After the high school Rush enrolled into Southeast Missouri State University in order to satisfy his parents ambitions, but dropped after the first year. His mother was highly discontent with such behavior and used to reproach Rush with caring about nothing except the radio. She might have spoken differently had she known that the radio one day will bring Rush Limbaugh net worth of $350 million.

Rush started to work on the radio already back in 1967, when he was still at school. He began to look at his career in the radio more seriously in the early 1970s, about the time he dropped from collage. In 1972 he got a job as a DJ on the small Pennsylvanian radio station. Rush soon got fired, and was not able to find a stable job on the radio for the rest of the decade. By the late 70s he even took the small break from the radio and tried to work as the director of promotions for Kansas baseball team. Limbaugh came back to the radio, his real passion, in 1984. Four years later he got a proposal to host his own radio talk show and moved to New York. The Rush Limbaugh Show was first aired on the national radio in the summer of 1988. That is when Rush Limbaugh net worth started to grow.
His audience grow faster than Rush could have dreamed. People loved him for having a strict political views and his ability to ground his beliefs in a convincing, yet easy and sometimes witty style. By the end of 1990 one of the articles in The New York Times, probably the most influential news paper in the State, claimed that Limbaugh has more listeners than any other radio host. In 2012 his audience was estimated to be around 15 million. According to Forbes, that year alone Rush Limbaugh net worth increased by $69 million.

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Rush Limbaugh net worth Rush Limbaugh net worth

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