Russell Crowe net worth

Russell Crowe net worth

Net Worth: $75 Million

About Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe net worth

It has been claimed that the overall amount of the current Russell Crowe net worth is as high as 75 million dollars. Russell Crowe is a well known name in show business. He became famous because of his career in acting, but he is also known as a musician. Russell Crowe started his career in entertainment industry as a TV show star. However, he became an internationally known star only when he started to appear in movies. The movie for which he originally became famous was called “Romper Stomper”. Since that time, Russell Crowe has achieved much more in this industry and it also added up to the total size of Russell Crowe net worth. Other movies, from which he is also well known, include “A Beautiful Mind”, “L.A. Confidential” and “Gladiator”. For his work in the latter film, Russell Crowe was awarded with an Oscar award.

The actor was born in New Zealand in 1964. Today, he is regarded as one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. However, what is even more interesting is that originally he began his career as a musician. When he was 16 years old Russell Crowe joined one of his first bands, which was called “Roman Antix” and at that time he was named ‘Russ Le Roc’.

However, after some time he became interested more into acting than being a musician and in fact acting has become the source that has added most of revenues to the overall amount of Russell Crowe net worth.

In 1992, Russell Crowe starred in the previously mentioned movie “Romper Stomper”, which showed his potential as a rising actor. In 1997, he became more well known in the United States, where he was chosen for a role in “L.A. Confidential”. In 1999, Russell Crowe appeared in “The Insider”, and for his appearance there Russell Crowe was nominated to get an Academy Award.

In 2000, Russell Crowe became a world wide known actor with his appearance in “Gladiator”, where he was chosen for a role of a Roman general. His role in this movie also proved that he will become a very well known actor in Hollywood. He strengthened his position as one of the leading actors in Hollywood with his appearances in “3:10 To Yuma”, “Cinderella Man” and “A Beautiful Mind”. Thus, these films have also added up to the total size of Russell Crowe net worth.

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