Russell Peters net worth

Russell Peters net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Russell Peters

Russell Peters net worth

Russell Peters is known as one of the most popular comedians. He is also one of the richest ones, since it has been announced that the current estimate of Russell Peters net worth reaches 16 million dollars. In 1989, Russell Peters began performing as a comedian in Toronto. In 2008, his involvement into the industry was evaluated, when he received a Gemini award.

Russell Peters was born in Toronto. He has a brother, who is working as his manager, as of right now. Because he was partly Indian, Russell Peters was usually a target of being bullied at school. As a result, he decided to practice boxing, which helped him to fight against people who were bullying him. Also, soon Russell Peters began interested into hip hop music and started being a DJ in Toronto.

In addition to performing in Canada, his career as a comedian extended to many different countries. Russell Peters has been appearing in countries, such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Caribbean, China, Sweden, Denmark and many other countries. These appearances added millions of dollars to the overall sum of Russell Peters net worth.

In 1992, in the first years of his career as a comedian, Russell Peters got a chance to meet with his biggest influences, that being George Carlin. He suggested to Russell Peters to go perform everywhere, where it is possible. Later, Russell Peters admitted that he took his advice really seriously and he believes that it is the reason why he is so popular today. In 2007, Russell Peters was chosen to be a host of one of George Carlin’s shows, which was organized one year before his death.

Russell Peters believes that the turning point in his career as a comedian, which accumulated Russell Peters net worth, was his performance on the Comedy Now in 2004. His performance on the show was uploaded to the Youtube channel and soon it became a viral sensation with millions of views. The whole performance lasted for 45 minutes and later it was chopped to different bits and uploaded by different users of the channel. Each video bit showed Russell Peters commentary on different cultural groups. Russell Peters believes that these bits were received by cultural groups they were targeted at and Russell Peters received good comments about his work. Thus, comedy became a very important source of Russell Peters net worth.

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