Russell Wilson net worth

Russell Wilson net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson net worth

Russell Wilson is one of the most popular names when talking about football. It has been estimated that the overall sum of Russell Wilson net worth today is 4 million dollars. In addition to his net worth, it has been announced that his yearly earnings reach as high as 700 thousand dollars. Before he could attend kindergarten, he was already playing football which he learnt from his father and brother.

In high school, Russell Wilson proved to be one of the stars on its football team. At this time, he has also received many awards and honors, such as being titled the Conference Player of the Year. During his senior years of studying, Russell Williams appeared in one of the most popular magazines, Sports Illustrated. In addition to playing football, Russell Wilson also played baseball and basketball when he was studying in high school. However, he chose football as his main career and it has added up a lot to the total size of Russell Wilson net worth.

When he graduated from high school, he immediately joined the Major League Baseball, where he was picked by the Baltimore Orioles. In 2007, he participated in the MLB Draft, where he was picked by the team.

However, he chose not to compete there, and instead he began his studies at the University of Northern California. Although there he played football very well, he was never able to participate in the NFL. Thus, seeing this, Russell Wilson decided to come back to baseball. He became a player for the Colorado Rockies. However, his career into baseball proved to be only a moderate success, nothing major.

In 2012, Russell Wilson announced news that he was going to get intense training so he would be admitted to participate in the NFL Draft, which shocked his family and friends as they thought that he would stay in baseball. Thus, in the same year, he was chosen by the Seattle Seahawks.

Since his playing in the team in that year, Russell Wilson proved to be a talented football player, and this career made his net worth increase a lot, as today Russell Wilson net worth reaches 4 million dollars. He has also earned numerous titles, such as Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year and PFF Offensive Rookie of the Year. In 2012 as well, Russell Wilson was selected to the Pro Bowl games. Currently, he is playing not only football, but also baseball.

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