Ryan Leaf net worth

Ryan Leaf net worth

Net Worth: $1 Thousand

About Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf net worth

It has been claimed that the total amount of Ryan Leaf net worth reaches 1 thousand dollars, according to recent estimations. Ryan Leaf has become famous and wealthy because of his involvement into Football. Ryan Leaf was playing in the National Football League as a quarterback. There, he stayed for four seasons and during this time there is no doubt that the total size of Ryan Leaf net worth increased a lot.

Ryan Leaf was born in Great Falls, Montana in 1976, and his real birth name is Ryan David Leaf. When he was studying in high school he was already involved into football and was a star on his school’s football team, as he was the one who led the team to the Montana state finals in 1992. When it was the time to choose colleges, he was thinking about studies at the University of Miami, where he could play as a linebacker, however, he decided to study at the Washington State Cougars as a quarterback. Ryan Leaf was also promised by coach Mike Price that he would be able to play in the Rose Bowl. Thus, his football career in college proved to be a huge success and he was even one of the finalists to receive the Heisman trophy.

In 1998 Ryan Leaf participated in the NFL Draft. There, he was chosen as the 2nd overall pick by the San Diego Chargers. The first one was Peyton Manning. Ryan Leaf wanted to become a professional football player and because of it he was sure that he could quit his studies at the Washington State University. Therefore he was offered to sign a contract by the Chargers, which was worth 31.25 million dollars. In addition to this, it was stated that he was guaranteed 11.25 million bonuses, and these sums of money also added up to the total size of Ryan Leaf net worth.

However, although he had huge aspires to play, Ryan Leaf showed a very bad performance in his rookie season in NFL. In fact, his name appeared in the 1st place of the list of NFL Draft Busts in the whole history of this league, which was made by the NFL Top 10. Thus, when he stopped his career in football, Ryan Leaf decided to continue his studies at the Washington State University. In 2010, he faced some legal troubles, such as drug keeping.

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ryan leaf net worth ryan leaf net worth

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