Ryan Leslie net worth

Ryan Leslie net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie net worth

Ryan Leslie is known as one of the millionaires in the rapping industry. It has been announced that Ryan Leslie net worth has an estimate of 6 million dollars, which he mainly accumulated through his career as a rapper. In addition to being a rapper, he is also known as a record producer, song writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, which also add a lot of financial success to the overall amount of Ryan Leslie net worth.

In addition, he is known as an owner of the media company called “NextSelection Lifestyle Group”. Ryan Leslie is known as a record producer for various artists, who are coming from different music styles, such as gospel, hip hop and pop. Between the years 2005-2006, he was very successful as a record producer. In that year, he became known as a producer of a song called “Me & U” sang by Cassie.

In 2009, his debut album was released, which was called “Ryan Leslie”. The album included singles, such as “How It was Supposed to Be” and “Diamond Girl”. The sales of the album also increased the total amount of Ryan Leslie net worth. In 2011, Ryan Leslie received his first Grammy nomination for his involvement into music.

When he was studying in Harvard University, Ryan Leslie was already creating and producing music in a studio, which was established in a basement. At that time, he also started to develop his own music style and also was a self-taught music producer. Year after year, Ryan Leslie noticed that he spent more time in music studio than in actual classes in his university. In addition, he was involved into a school’s band which was called “The Krokodiloes”.

Because Ryan Leslie spent more time involved in music than in education, he was on an academic probation three times during his years in the university. In one of his interviews, Ryan Leslie stated that during his studying years in university he used to sleep 2 to 3 hours because all of his time was devoted to music, the source which today is the main one of Ryan Leslie net worth. In order to support himself financially during all these years, Ryan Leslie got a job as an instrument seller in Boston.

When he finally graduated from university, Ryan Leslie talked his parents into letting him to get involved in the music industry full force. However, he decided to stay in Boston instead of moving somewhere else because he got too much accustomed to the Boston’s music scene.

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