Sam Elliott net worth

Sam Elliott net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott net worth

It has been reported that the total estimate of Sam Elliott net worth is 10 million dollars, as of right now. Sam Elliott became famous because of his career as an actor. In fact, he is mostly known as the one who has portrayed many roles as a rancher or cowboy. Also, he is known from the following productions: “Hulk”, “Road House” and “Ghost Rider”.

Sam Elliott was born in 1944 in Sacramento, California. When he was a teenager, Sam Elliott moved to live to Oregon. When he graduated from high school there, Sam Elliott became a student at Clark College in Washington. When he was studying there, Sam Elliott also appeared in “Guys and Dolls”. In a local newspaper, there was a review about Sam Elliott which stated that he should become a professional actor.

Soon after that, Sam Elliott decided to move to Hollywood, where his career began and which has added up a lot to the total size of Sam Elliott net worth. In Los Angeles, he began attending acting lessons. At the same time, to support himself financially he was working in a construction business. Moreover, he also served in the California Army National Guard.

Initially, Sam Elliott was appearing as a character actor. Because of his looks, he usually appeared in Western productions. One of the first films in which he appeared was “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, which was released in 1969. In the period of 1970-1971, Sam Elliott was chosen to appear in the TV series called “Mission: Impossible”. Thus, initially, on TV he appeared in some mini series, where he gained more experience.

In 1985, Sam Elliott’s big break came when he was chosen to appear in “Mask”. In addition, he was also chosen to be a guest on other TV shows, such as “Lancer”, “Gunsmoke”, “Hawaii Five-O” and “Felony Squad”. Moreover, he has also appeared in films made for TV, such as “Buffalo Girls” and “Prancer”. In 1989 he was chosen to appear in “Road House”, where he starred alongside Patrick Swayze. In 1993, he got a role in “Tombstone”, where he appeared as Virgil Earp. Other productions which have also made his name popular include “The Big Lebowski”, “Thank You For Smoking”, “Ghost Rider”, “The Golden Compass” and “Up in the Air”, amongst many others. These productions have also added up a lot to the overall sum of Sam Elliott net worth.

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