Sam Simon net worth

Sam Simon net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Sam Simon

Sam Simon net worth

It has been estimated that the current size of Sam Simon net worth is as much as 100 million dollars. He has earned such a high net worth through his careers as a writer, producer and director. A huge part of his net worth was accumulated through his career as one of the main staff members of creating the animated TV show called “The Simpsons”, which is still running today and is one of the most successful animated TV shows of all time. Thus, it is no surprise that this show precisely has added most of financial success to him, and as a result, increased the overall estimate of Sam Simon net worth.

Sam Simon was born in 1955 and he was raised in Beverly Hills, California. There, one of his neighbors was the rock and roll king Elvis Presley. He got his education at Beverly Hills High School and later he enrolled into Stanford University. Sam Simon was also asked to join the football team of the university, however, after only one practice he decided to quit it.

After that, Sam Simon began working on the newspaper of the university, where he served as a cartoonist of it. Also, when he was still a student at Stanford, Sam Simon got two jobs as a cartoonist – one in Examiner and another in The San Francisco Chronicle.

When he graduated, Sam Simon already had enough experience as a cartoonist, thus, he was able to work on shows, such as “Cosby Kids” and “Fat Albert”.

In 1981, Sam Simon’s career really took off when he was chosen to work on the popular show called “Taxi”, which also increased the total estimate of Sam Simon net worth. However, in the same year, the show was cancelled. Nevertheless, the show soon was revived and in it Sam Simon was hired to work as a writer. Later, he also became a showrunner and as becoming that he became the youngest showrunner of that time since he was only 30 years old. When he finished his work on “Taxi”, Sam Simon worked for quite a while on another show called “Cheers”.

In 1989, Sam Simon started co-working on the popular show “The Simpsons” and added a lot of efforts in making the show popular internationally. “The Simpsons” is also regarded as one of the main sources of the current size of Sam Simon net worth.

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