Samuel Jackson net worth

Samuel Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

About Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson net worth

Samuel Leroy Jackson is America’s beloved actor and movie producer. Samuel’s career took off after he met film director Spike Lee and his personal mentor and friend Morgan Freeman. Morgan started filming in the early 90s, around that time he appeared in movies like Jungle Fever, Amos and Andrew, Patriot games and Jurassic Park. He raised to prominence with the movie Pulp Fiction. Samuel’s performance in this film has earned him critical acclaim and numerous nominations. Samuel Jackson net worth is currently estimated at $150 million.

Jackson was raised in Tennessee by his mother Elizabeth Jackson, a factory worker, and her parents. His parents split up before he could remember and Samuel’s father left to live in Kansas City. Samuel has met his father only a couple of times before he died from alcohol abuse. When Jackson was a kid, he did not dream of becoming an actor. For many years he has played a French horn in school orchestra, but did not consider seeking career in music either. For the young Samuel career in science seemed a more attractive option than career in entertainment business, thus after graduation he went to Georgia to study marine biology.

While in college Jackson signed to joining an acting class in order to get additional credits. That’s when Samuel realized that acting is exactly what he wants to do in his life and changed his major. Judging from the current Samuel Jackson net worth this was a smart choice.

While still in college Samuel was a committed civil right activist. As Samuel later recalled, after Martin Luther King was shot in 1968, he realized that the change is not going to come if he just sits there waiting for it. Sam and some of his friends took members of the college board hostage and refused to release them before they promise to make crucial changes in college policy. Finally the changes were introduced, but Samuel got kicked out for unlawful behavior. He returned to the college some years later to get a degree in drama. In the early 70s Jackson got his first roles in movies A Solder’s Play and Together For Days. Although Samuel Jackson net worth probably would have grown faster if he decided to seek career in movies, at that time he made his mind to became a stage actor and moved to New York.
During this period he appeared on various plays, including Two Trains Running, The Piano Lesson and Coming to America. Sadly, after moving to New York Jackson developed cocaine addiction and a severe alcoholism. These killing habits were hampering his career and stopped him from becoming a recognized Broadway actor. Luckily, with a help of his friend and mentor Morgan Freeman Samuel eventually manage to overcome his drug and alcohol problems. His career took off after he got the role in Tarantino’s movie Pulp Fiction. After that, Samuel Jackson net worth shot to the stars. In the year 2000 Samuel received $10 million for his role in Shaft alone.

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samuel jackson net worth samuel jackson net worth

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