Sandra Bullock net worth

Sandra Bullock net worth

Net Worth: $130 Million

About Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock net worth

Sandra Bullock is an actress and movie producer from the United States. She gained an international recognition in 90s, appearing in Speed, Demolition Man, While You Were Sleeping, A Time to Kill, The Net and Hope Floats. One of the most successful years in Sandra’s career was 2009, when she starred in The Blind Side and The Proposal. During her career, which now spans over nearly three decades, Bullock has won numerous accolades, including Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, Oscar and Golden Globe for the Best Actress. Sandra Bullock net worth is currently estimated at $130 million, making her the 14th richest female actress in Hollywood.

Sandra was born in Virginia, in a family of John W. Bullock and Helga D. Meyer. Both of her parents were talented musicians and voice coaches. Her mother, who originated from Germany, was once an opera singer in Salzburg. She met her future husband and Sandra’s father while he was stationed in Nuremberg, taking care of U.S. Army’s Military Postal Service. After their marriage in Germany, Helga and John moved to live to the States, where John was signed to work for Pentagon.

Although the language usually spoken in her family house was English, Sandra is also fluent in German. She learned it while spending time at her grandmother’s home in Salzburg. As a child, Bullock studied vocal arts, ballet and used to take minor roles in her mother’s performances. The skills she developed and the self-confidence she gained during those years later proved useful in Hollywood and helped to boosted Sandra Bullock net worth to its current heights.

While studying in Washington-Lee High School, Sandra performed in drama club productions and was one of the cheerleaders. Following graduation she enrolled at East Caroline University and eventually earned a degree in drama. In 1986 Bullock moved to Manhattan in hope for better opportunities. Her first years in a big city were not particularly easy. Although she went to auditions nearly every day, Bullock couldn’t get a role and in order to support herself had to take various low-paid jobs. During this period she has worked as coat checker, bartender and waitress.

Sandra Bullock net worth started to grow in early 1990s, when she was cast for the movies Demolition Man and Working Girl. Her big break was the film Speed, which reached the cinemas in 1994. Following the success of this movie Sandra became one of the most wanted Hollywood actresses, making tens of millions per year. According to Forbes, in year 2009 alone Sandra Bullock net worth grew by 56 million. Nearly half of this sum came from the movie The Blind Side, which grossed over $309 million.

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