Sandra Oh net worth

Sandra Oh net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh net worth

Sandra Oh is a well known actress from Canada. It has been stated that she is also one of the richest of them, since the current amount of Sandra Oh net worth is 25 million dollars. To a lot of people, Sandra Oh is mostly known from the medical TV series called “Grey’s Anatomy”, where she has been appearing as Dr. Cristina Yang. Her appearance in this show has been really successful. She became a winner of SAGA and Golden Globe awards because of her appearance on this show. Thus, the show also added up not only to Sandra Oh net worth, but it also earned her a couple prestigious awards.

In addition to appearing in “Grey’s Anatomy”, Sandra Oh is also known from quite a few movies, such as “Sideways”, “Last Night” and “Under the Tuscan Sun”. Other movies, from which Sandra Oh is also well known, include “Blindness”, “The Night Listener”, “Rabbit Hole”, “Wilby Wonderful”, “Bean”, “Hard Candy” and others. All these appearances of hers also have increased the total amount of Sandra Oh net worth.

Talking more about the show which made her an international star, “Grey’s Anatomy”, Sandra Oh was nominated to get a Prime time Emmy award five times.

Thus, although she has appeared in numerous movies, “Grey’s Anatomy” is still considered as the show which added most of fame to her.

Other productions, from which Sandra Oh also can be remembered, include “The Diary of Evelyn Lau”, “Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity” and “Double Happiness”.

Sandra Oh was born in 1971 in Ottawa. She has established her name as a popular actress in Canada before she moved to the United States. In the United States, Sandra Oh is mostly known for her roles in films “Sideways” and “Under the Tuscan Sun”. “Sideways” is also regarded as one of the best movies in which Sandra Oh has ever appeared. Thus, it is also safe to say that it also added up to the total estimate of Sandra Oh net worth.

Also, it happened in the United States, that she got a role in the previously mentioned TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”, which made her an internationally recognized actress. However, in 2013, it was stated officially that Sandra Oh was going to leave the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Nevertheless, the show added a lot to the overall amount of her net worth as well as her success in the industry.

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