Sara Gilbert net worth

Sara Gilbert net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert net worth

Sara Gilbert is a well known TV star, who has appeared in a variety of TV shows and series. It has been estimated that the overall sum of Sara Gilbert net worth reaches as much as 6 million dollars. Perhaps she is mostly known from the TV show called “Roseanne”, which was one of the most popular sitcoms on the ABC channel. Being such, it also added a lot of financial success to the overall estimate of Sara Gilbert net worth. In this show, Sara Gilbert was casted for a role of Darlene Conner and she was appearing on it in the period between the years 1988-1997.
Moreover, Sara Gilbert is also known as a creator of a popular talk show called “The Talk”. In fact, she is not only the creator of it, but also one of the hosts of it. Thus, “The Talk” also serves as one of the most important sources of Sara Gilbert net worth.

Moreover, Sara Gilbert is also known from another sitcom, which is more up to date and receives huge viewership all around the world, which is called “The Big Bank Theory”. There, Sara Gilbert has a recurring role of Leslie Winkle and this show also serves as an important source of Sara Gilbert net worth.

Sara Gilbert was born in 1975 in Santa Monica, California. Sara Gilbert has two siblings, who also have been involved into acting industry. In fact, both of them were appearing on a popular TV show called “Little House of the Prairie”.

Sara Gilbert was influenced a lot by her older sister to get involved into acting. When her sister received a Hollywood plaque, Sara Gilbert decided that she would become a well known actress and at that time she was only six years old.

Initially, in her acting career, Sara Gilbert was appearing in a couple of television films and also TV commercials, such as for Kool Aid. When she was 13 years old, she got a role which made her a huge star, that being in the TV show called “Roseanne”, as has been mentioned previously. Sara Gilbert was appearing on this show nine years. Her involvement into this show was so important that the producers of this show even tried to schedule filmings of the show so that they would not interfere with her studies at Yale University. In 1997, Sara Gilbert graduated from the university, where she was studying arts and photography.

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