Sara Rue net worth

Sara Rue net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Sara Rue

Sara Rue net worth

It has been stated that the total estimate of Sara Rue net worth currently reaches 1 million dollars, which makes her one of the millionaires in the acting industry. Sara Rue has appeared mostly in TV productions. She can be remembered from her appearance in “Popular”, in which she played the role of Carmen Ferrara. Moreover, Sara Rue was chosen for the part of Claude Casey in “Less than Perfect”. In 2011, Sara Rue became the host of the show on the CW network called “Shedding for the Wedding”.
Sara Rue joined the recurring cast of “Rules of Engagement”, in which she was playing the role of Brenda. In addition, the actress portrayed the part of Kim in the ABC series, which did not last for a long time, called “Malibu Country”. Sara Rue can also be remembered from her appearances in “Impastor”, the comedy series on the TV Land. Thus, all of these appearances have made her well known and also added up to the total size of Sara Rue net worth.
Sara Rue was born in 1979 in New York City and her real birth name is Sara Schlackman. Her father worked as a stage manager, whereas her mother was an actress.

Sara Rue grew up in a Jewish household. Her parents worked in many Broadway plays, which inspired Sara Rue become an actress, as well. This career eventually became the main source of her popularity as well as of increasing the total amount of Sara Rue net worth.
When she was nine years old, she started to act. In 1988, she played the role of Kevin Spacey’s kid in the film called “Rocket Gibraltar”. Also, she appeared in the TV show called “Roseanne”. Moreover, Sara Rue played the starring part in “Grand”. After that, she appeared in such productions as “Less than Perfect”, “Phenom”, “Popular”, “Minor Adjustments”, “The Division”, “ER” and “Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane”. In addition to her many TV show appearances, Sara Rue has portrayed roles in various films, such as “The Ring”, “A Map of the World”, “Gypsy 83”, “Can’t Hardly Wait”, “Idiocracy” and “A Slipping Down Life”. Therefore, all of these appearances have also increased the total sum of Sara Rue net worth.
Sara Rue was noticed by director Michael Bay, who liked her so much that he wrote a special part for her in “Pearl Harbor”. In 2006, she was chosen for the part of Attorney General in the movie called “Idiocracy”. In the same year, the actress appeared in the stage play called “Little Egypt”. Then, she was chosen for a guest part in one episode of the sitcom called “Two and a Half Men”. Also, Sara Rue was appearing as Dr. Stephanie Barnett in one of the most popular recent sitcoms called “The Big Bang Theory”. In 2009, the actress appeared in two films, called “For Christ’s Sake” and “Man Maid”. In the same year, Sara Rue appeared in the TV series based on the film “The Witches of Eastwick”, called “Eastwick”.

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sara rue net worth sara rue net worth sara rue net worth

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