Sarah Brightman net worth

Sarah Brightman net worth

Net Worth: $55 Million

About Sarah Brightman

Sarah Brightman net worth

It has been stated that the overall amount of Sarah Brightman net worth today reaches 55 million dollars. She has earned a huge part of her net worth through her involvement into singing, but she is also known for her other activities, such as being an actress, dancer and songwriter, and these three careers of hers have also added up a lot to the total size of Sarah Brightman net worth.
Sarah Brightman, as a singer, is known for her ability to sign in 3 octaves. In addition, she can sing in more than two languages, such as English, Spanish, Latin, French, Russian, Hindi, German, Japanese, Chinese, amongst many others.

Initially, she started her career into entertainment business not as a singer, but as a dancer. She was dancing in a group called Hot Gossip. However, to most of people she is known only as a singer, and as a solo act she has released quite a lot of albums, sales of which also increased the total amount of Sarah Brightman net worth a lot.

In 1981, she was introduced to Andrew Lloyd Webber. She met him when she was performing in a play called Cats. After her appearance in Cats, Sarah Brightman starred in many more productions made for Broadway, such as The Phantom of the Opera.

The CD of this production was released in 1987 and more than 40 million copies of this album have been sold on an international scale. There, she was chosen for a role of Christine Daae.

The singer was born in 1960 in England. In 1984, her wedding took place, when she married Andrew Lloyd Webber. Her husband employed her to appear in many musicals, such as Requiem and Song and Dance. It is also worth mentioning that the former production was created specifically for Sarah Brightman.

However, her marriage to Andrew Lloyd Webber did not last forever, as the couple soon divorced. After the divorce, Sarah Brightman also stopped appearing in musicals and became a crossover classical singer. For this career she is mostly known in the world and it also added up a lot to the total sum of Sarah Brightman net worth. As a singer of classical music, she collaborated a lot with Frank Peterson. Today, she is still regarded as one of the most prominent and successful performers of all time, and her financial status as well as commercial success can prove it.

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