Sarah Palin net worth

Sarah Palin net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin net worth

Sarah Louise Palin is a former governor of Alaska, politician, political commentator and author of several books. In 2008 she became the first Republican female nominated as the Vice President for presidential elections. She was also one of the first Alaskan politicians whose name appeared on the national ballot. In 2009 Sarah published a bestseller book, entitled Going Rouge in which she revealed her memories from personal life and professional career. Since 2010 she has been working as a political commentator on Fox News and hosted Sarah Palin’s Alaska, her own television show. As for April 2013, Sarah Palin net worth is estimated at $12 million dollars.

Palin was born in Idaho, in a family of Charlie and Sally Heath. She was the third child in a family and has three siblings, Molly, Heather and Chuck. Sarah’s family moved to Alaska when she was a toddler, but did not stay there for long and finally settled in Wasilla. As a teenager Palin had numerous hobbies: she was a member of school running and basketball teams, headed the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and played flute in a local band.

With Sarah at point guard position, her basketball team won Alaska state championship. Her competitiveness in the playing field earned her a nickname “Barracuda”. The same competitive character eventually boosted Sarah Palin net worth to millions dollars.

Sarah joined the Republican Party in 1982, right after her eighteenth birthday. Sarah Palin net worth started to grow when she was elected to represent the citizens at Wasilla City Council. In order to take control over the state taxes and make sure they will be spent wisely she decided to run for the position of mayor. She received 651 votes and won over John Stein, the incumbent mayor. Although officially the elections were nonpartisan, the Republican Party ran a significant campaign promoting her views on abortion and gunfights.

The citizens of Wasilla were satisfied with her policies and in 1999 Palin got reelected for the second term in office. In 2006 Sarah decided to take her career to the next level and ran for the Alaska governor elections. She defeated the Democrat Tony Knowles by 8% margin and was inaugurated by the end of the year.

In the late 2000s Sarah publisher her first memoir book, Going Rouge: an American Life. Due to her general popularity, the book sold over 300 thousand copies on the first day it was released, adding a solid sum to Sarah Palin net worth. The sales eventually exceeded 1 million and proved Sarah’s book just as popular as the memoirs of the former president Bill Clinton and the incumbent Barack Obama. In 2009 she published her second book, America By Heart, which contains Palin’s most inspiring political speeches, excerpts from her favorite literature and sermons.

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