Sarah Silverman net worth

Sarah Silverman net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman net worth

It has been stated that the total estimate of Sarah Silverman net worth today reaches 10 million dollars. She has accumulated such a huge sum of money through her career as a comedian as well as a writer and an actress. Her stand-up comedy acts include various taboo topics as well as issues related to religion, racism and sexism. Also, her performances have been described as both ironic and satiric.

Sarah Silverman got famous when she began appearing on a popular comedy show called “Saturday Night Live”. This was also the show which added most of the biggest sums of revenues to Sarah Silverman net worth. Soon, she became a huge star on the Comedy Central Channel. In 2007, she got her own shown on there, which was called “The Sarah Silverman Program”, which ran till 2010. As a film actress, Sarah Silverman has portrayed some major characters in films, such as “Wreck It Ralph” and “Who’s the Caboose?” and also had some smaller roles in movies, such as “School of Rock”.
Sarah Silverman was born in 1970 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Some of her siblings are also involved into cinema industry.

Her sister, Laura Silverman is an actress, another sister, Jodyne Silverman is a screenwriter. She attended high school in Manchester. However, she later studied in New York University. As a stand-up comedian, she gained a lot of local attention in Greenwich Village.

In 1992, Sarah Silverman started her career as a comedian. One year later, she was accepted to the “Saturday Night Live”, which added first huge sums of money to Sarah Silverman net worth. Her first roles in this TV show were one of the feature cast members as well as a writer. After one season, Sarah Silverman was forced to leave her show with none of her written sketches airing on the show, although she did appear a couple of times as a feature cast member on the show. One of the writers of the show stated that in every material which was given to her, Sarah Silverman used to make it to fit her and not herself fit into the character.

Sarah Silverman later stated that after she was hired from this show, she had a lot of self-confidence problems and stopped her career as a comedian for quite some time. However, after one year, she came back to the comedy circuit and it started to bring huge sums of money to Sarah Silverman net worth, as well.

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