Scarlett Johansson net worth

Scarlett Johansson net worth

Net Worth: $55 Million

About Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson net worth

Scarlett Johansson, is a famous American actress, model and singer. She gained prominence in mid 1990s, appearing in movies North and Manny & Lo. This latter role garnered Scarlett the Independent Spirit nomination for Best Female Lead. Her further prominent performances were in the movies The Horse Whisperer, Ghost World, Girl with a Pearl Earring, A Love Song for the Bobby Long, Match Point, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Prestige, The Avengers and Lost in Translation, by Sophia Coppola. For these films Johnson received a number of accolades, including a prestigious BAFTA Award for the Best Actress in the Leading Role and several Golden Globe nominations. As for 2013, Scarlett Johansson net worth is estimated at $55 million.
Scarlett was born in New York City, in a family of Karsten Johansson and Melanie Sloan. Her father, who originated from Denmark, was an architect, while her mother was a lawyer. Melanie is currently working as an Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics. Although today both Karsten and Melanie are considered to be fairly wealthy, back in the 1990s they could barely make the ends meet.

Scarlett is not the only member of Johansson family to choose a career in movie industry. Her grandfather, Ejner Johansson, was a director and screenwriter. Despite his professional achievements, Ejner’s fortune never came close to Scarlett Johansson net worth. The starlet has three siblings: Hunter (her twin brother), Adrian, and Vanessa, also an actress.
Johnson received her first theatrical training at Professional Children’s School, situated in Manhattan. Back in the day nobody could have expected that the skills she gained there will eventually boost Scarlett Johansson net worth to tens of millions. The girl made her movie debut in 1995, portraying the daughter of Kate Capshaw and Sean Connery in a romantic comedy If Lucy Fell. The breakthrough in Johansson’s professional career came around when she was only 12. That year the future millionaire appeared in Lisa Krueger’s comedy-drama film Manny & Lo.
In 2003 Johansson established her name as one of the most perspective young actresses. Her first adult role was in the movie Lost in Translation, where Scarlett acted alongside such stars as Bill Murray. The film experienced a major commercial success and grossed nearly $120 million worldwide. Needless to say, it added a solid sum to the current Scarlett Johansson net worth. The same year Scarlett Starred in Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Peter Webber. This movie took the audience back to the mid 17th century, Dutch Republic, where Scarlett’s character, Griet, was a made of an unhappy painter who has recently gone blind. What about her personal life? A little is known about Scarlett’s romantic relationship, as the actress is extremely secretive about her personal life. One of the few things that slipped to the media is that for three years she dated an actor Ryan Reynolds.

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