Scott Storch net worth

Scott Storch net worth

Net Worth: $300 thousand

About Scott Storch

Scott Storch net worth

Scott Storch is one of the most well known names in the rapping industry. It has been reported that Scott Storch net worth has an estimate of 300 thousand dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through being a mega producer of hip hop music. However, once his net worth was known to be much higher than today. At one point, Scott Storch net worth had an estimate of 70 million dollars. However, when he went bankrupt, he was left with 300 thousand dollars.

He has wasted most of his money on various lavish merchandises, such as mansions, jets, yachts and jewelry. Also, some of his money was spent to cocaine, for which he got very notorious. One of his yachts, which he bought, was worth 20 million dollars. Also, he bought a mansion in Miami, which was worth 10.5 million dollars. In addition, he liked to treat his celebrity girlfriends with buying them a lot of luxurious things and one of such girlfriends is known to be Paris Hilton.

Recently, he has spent some time in rehab and today Scott Storch is known for getting back in the music industry and collaborating with a mega star of RnB, Chris Brown.

Such collaboration is expected to also increase the total amount of Scott Storch net worth. Scott Storch is also known as the one who produced a single of Chris Brown called “Run It”.

In 2008, he had to front the court because Scott Storch was accused of failing to pay child support. Moreover, one year later, he was arrested again. Scott Storch was charged with grand theft auto. He used Bentley, for which he failed to pay during a period of seven months. In 2010, his mansion worth 10.5 million dollars was taken away from him and sold to Russell Weiner, who is a founder of Rockstar energy drink. It was stated that he bought the mansion for 6.75 million dollars. In 2012, the mansion was sold to Birdman for 14.5 million dollars.

Scott Storch is currently known as a founder of his own record label called “Storch Music Company”. It is one of the main sources of Scott Storch net worth today. A band called “Nox” is known to be signed to this label. In the early 2000s, Scott Storch was known as one of the most important producers in the industry. He has worked with such stars as Beyonce, 50 Cent, Pink and Christina Aguilera.

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