Sean Hayes net worth

Sean Hayes net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes net worth

It has been stated that he overall size of the current Sean Hayes net worth is as much as 18 million dollars. Sean Hayes is a well known comedian, who has appeared in a lot of TV shows and series, and in that way he established himself as a popular sitcom actor, as well. He was born in 1970 in Illinois. When he was a teenager, Sean Hayes got interested into acting. In 1986, he got one of his first roles which was a small role in “Lucas”. This movie took place in his high school.

However, it came only in 1998 when Sean Hayes got his real debut in cinema industry, which was in “Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss”. Because of his appearance in this production, Sean Hayes got a role which made him a huge star – which was in the TV sitcom called “Will and Grace”, where he appeared next to Debra Messing. This show has also increased the total amount of Sean Hayes net worth a lot. Sean Hayes for his role in this sitcom was nominated for seven Emmy awards. He in fact became a winner of one of them. Sean Hayes has also been nominated for many other awards for his role in “Will and Grace”, such as a Golden Globe.

In addition to “Will and Grace”, Sean Hayes has appeared in many other shows and movies, mostly comedies, such as “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton”, where he appeared next to Josh Duhamel, “Cats and Dogs”, “Scrubs”, “The Cat in the Hat”, “Tom Goes to Mayor” and “30 Rock”, amongst many others. These productions also made him richer, as they added up revenues to the total amount of Sean Hayes net worth.

Sean Hayes is also known for his appearances on stage, mostly for his part in “Damn Yankees”. Sean Hayes debuted as a Broadway star in the production called “Promises, Promises”. For his role in this play, he became a nominee of a Tony Award, too. Sean Hayes is also known as an event host, as in 2010 he hosted Tony Awards.

In addition to his appearances on many TV shows, Sean Hayes has also worked as a producer of some of them such as “Grimm” and “Hot in Cleveland”. Thus, his work behind the scenes has also made him a bigger star in Hollywood and increased the total estimate of Sean Hayes net worth.

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sean hayes net worth sean hayes net worth sean hayes net worth

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