Sean Parker net worth

Sean Parker net worth

Net Worth: $2.1 Billion

About Sean Parker

Sean Parker net worth

It has been announced that Sean Parker net worth reaches an amount of 2.1 billion dollars, which makes him one of the billionaires in the world. Sean Parker is entrepreneur, who is involved into internet technologies. Sean Parker is mostly credited with creating Plaxo, Napster and Causes. In addition, he has co-worked with Mark Zuckerberg into creating today’s most popular social website, Facebook. Thus, these involvements added a lot to the overall amount of Sean Parker net worth.

When Sean Parker was only 7 years old, he learnt programming from his father. When he was a teenager, he became such a pro in programming that he could easily hack websites. This was the reason why he had to face the law and was sentenced for community services.

In 1999, Sean Parker created Napster, which was a website where people could share music files for free. The website added first huge sums of money to Sean Parker net worth. However, the website was criticized and it received negative feedback from RIAA and various record labels because the website promoted illegal downloading of music files. Eventually, the website was closed down.

Therefore, Sean Parker came up with another idea to create a social networking website, which was called Plaxo. However, Sean Parker left this business because of many disputes going on between him and other shareholders.

In 2004, Sean Parker started collaborating with Mark Zuckerberg in making the social website Facebook. He served as an informal advisor to Mark Zuckerberg. Eventually, Sean Parker became the president of Facebook. However, Sean Parker became suspected of using cocaine and because of it he was fired from this prestigious position. Nevertheless, he was still allowed to have his equity share in Facebook. Also, because of Facebook, Sean Parker net worth increased a lot.

Currently, Sean Parker is known to be involved with another company, as well, which is called The Founders Fund and which has been established by Peter Thiel, who also collaborated into Facebook’s development. Sean Parker is also a board member of the website Spotify, where people can listen to various kinds of music, and he is also known as an investor. Spotify today is considered one of the most popular, if not the most popular, music streaming service, which is used all across the world. Thus, these involvements of Sean Parker also increase his net worth a lot and it is expected to reach even a higher amount in the upcoming years.

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