Sean Young net worth

Sean Young net worth

Net Worth: $3.5 Million

About Sean Young

Sean Young net worth

Sean Young is a well known and accomplished actress. It has been stated that the total amount of Sean Young net worth reaches 3.5 million dollars. However, there are some other sources which have claimed that her net worth has increased a lot in the recent years and currently is as high as 12.5 million dollars. One way or another, Sean Young is regarded as one of the wealthiest actresses in Hollywood. Sean Young can be remembered from a few movies she appeared in the 1980s, such as “Cousins”, “Blade Runner”, “Wall Street”, “Dune” and “No Way Out”, which all have increased the total estimate of Sean Young net worth a lot.
The actress was born in 1959 in Louisville, Kentucky and her real birth name is Mary Sean Young. Both of her parents were journalists. After high school, Sean Young was studying at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Michigan. In addition, she was a student at the School of American Ballet in New York. Before she started her acting career, Sean Young was a dancer and a model.
In 1980, she started to work as a film actress with her appearance in “Jane Austen in Manhattan”.

Since that time, she has appeared in many other movies, which all have increased the total size of Sean Young net worth.
In 1981, she appeared in her second film, called “Stripes”. In 1982, she got the leading part in the film called “Blade Runner”. In the film, she played the role of Rachel and appeared next to such actors as Harrison Ford. In 1986, she appeared in the TV production called “Under the Biltmore Clock”. In the next year, Sean Young was chosen for a small part in the film called “Wall Street”.
In 1987, she appeared in one of her bigger roles, next to Kevin Costner, in the movie called “No Way Out”. Other popular films, in which Sean Young has appeared, include “Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend”, “Fatal Instinct” and “Dune”. In 1988, she was joined by James Woods to appear in “The Boost”. In 1989, Sean Young appeared in the Tim Burton’s production called “Batman”, where she played the role of Vicki Vale. However, during rehearsals, she suffered an injury, and thus, her role was given to Kim Basinger.
In 1990, she appeared in a film called “Dick Tracy”. However, after some arguments, she was eliminated from the film’s cast. Sean Young, because of her role in “A Kiss Before Dying”, became a recipient of the Worst Actress and the Worst Supporting Actress Razzies. In 1994, Sean Young was chosen for a supporting part in the movie called “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. In 1997, she appeared as a voice actress as she reprised her role of Rachel in the video game based on the film “Blade Runner”.
In the 2000s, Sean Young kept appearing in films as well as TV productions, such as “Boston Public”, “Reno 911”, “Poor White Trash”, “Sugar & Spice” and “Mockingbird Don’t Sing”. Thus, all of these films and other productions have increased the total sum of Sean Young net worth a lot.

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