Sebastian Bach net worth

Sebastian Bach net worth

Net Worth: $7 Million

About Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach net worth

It has been estimated that the overall size of Sebastian Bach net worth is 7 million dollars, up to this day. Sebastian Bach became famous because of his career in music, where he is known as a singer and song writer. Thus, music has been a huge part of his life and also a huge source of Sebastian Bach net worth. The musician was born in Bahamas in 1968. Sebastian Bach is probably mostly known for his work in the rock band called “Skid Row”, where he is also known as a leader of it. The group was immensely popular in the period of 1987-1996. During this time, a huge part of Sebastian Bach net worth was also accumulated.

Since the band stopped performing, in 1996 Sebastian Bach moved to quite a different direction and appeared in various musicals and toured with Broadway. Sebastian Bach also has appeared in various TV shows. In addition, he still stayed involved in music as he collaborated with Guns n Roses and he also began a successful solo career, which has added up revenues to Sebastian Bach net worth, as well.

As a part of the band “Skid Row”, Sebastian Bach performed a lot of songs for which he was well known, including “18 and Life”, “Monkey Business”, “Wasted Time”, “Quicksand Jesus”, “I Remember You”, “Youth Gone Wild” and “Slave to the Grind”.

In 2000, Sebastian Bach started his career as a Broadway performer when he was chosen to appear as the titular character in the play called “Jekyll and Hyde”. One year later, Sebastian Bach was chosen to appear in “The Rocky Horror Show”, where he was chosen for the part of Riff Raff. In 2002, Sebastian Bach started his career as a TV show host when he was hired by VH1 channel to work on the show “Forever Wild”. In the period of 2003-2007 Sebastian Bach also appeared on the TV series called “Gilmore Girls”, where he had a recurring part. The series have also increased the overall amount of Sebastian Bach net worth.

In 2009 and 2010, Sebastian Bach was working with the band of Guns n Roses and he appeared with them on the tour for its opening act. In 2013, Sebastian Bach on his Twitter profile announced that he was going to release an album in 2014. Thus, he still managed to continue his career as a solo act besides his work on TV.

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