Selma Blair net worth

Selma Blair net worth

Net Worth: $14 Million

About Selma Blair

Selma Blair net worth

It has been stated that the overall size of Selma Blair net worth reaches 14 million dollars, up to this day. Selma Blair has earned her net worth through her many acting roles in theater, on TV and big screen. In 1995 she started her career as a professional actress. Selma Blair has appeared in a variety of film genres. She is known from some Hollywood blockbusters, high grossing movies, art house films and indie films. These films have also added up to the total size of Selma Blair net worth.

In 1995 Selma Blair for the first time appeared on TV, when she was chosen for a role in the production for kids, called “The Adventures of Pete and Pete”. In 1996, Selma Blair started to appear in movies. Initially, Selma Blair got some guest roles on TV productions. Later, she started to get some minor roles in films and leading parts in projects, which were not released, such as “Amazon High”, which was made in 1997. In 1999, she appeared in a teenage drama called “Cruel Intentions”, and for her performance in this movie she got positive comments and since that time she scored more and more parts to appear in other films.

In 2004, she appeared in “Hellboy” and four years later she starred in the second part of this film called “Hellboy II: The Golden Army”. Other movies from which she can also be remembered include “Legally Blonde”, “The Fog”, “The Poker House”, “The Sweetest Thing”, “Columbus Circle” and “Purple Violets”. These films not only made her more popular, but also added up to the total amount of Selma Blair net worth.

In the 1990s, Selma Blair was appearing as Zoe in “Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane”. In the 2000s, Selma Blair got the role of Kim in “Kath and Kim”. In the period of 2012-2013 Selma Blair was appearing on another TV show called “Anger Management”, but she appeared in only first two seasons of the show.

Selma Blair has also served as a narrator of the documentary called “The Diary of Anne Frank”. In 2011 for her narrating abilities she was nominated for a Grammy award. In addition, she got positive reviews from critics for her work on the documentary, as well. Thus, it also added up to the overall sum of Selma Blair net worth. Thus, through the years she managed to establish her name as one of the most popular ones in the cinema and TV industry.

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