Serena Williams plastic surgery

Serena Williams plastic surgery

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Serena Williams plastic surgery

Nowadays Hollywood actors and pop music celebrities aren’t the only one’s who are constantly getting all kinds of rumors regarding their plastic surgery. Apparently, these kind of rumors are following even sport stars – recently people started speculating about possible Serena Williams plastic surgery. She and her sister Venus are very successful in professional tennis and they both have many fans worldwide.

Most of the rumors about possible Serena Williams plastic surgery started in 2010, when people saw her photos in which she appeared quite different which, of course, caused some suspicion. The most speculated plastic surgery when talking about Serena is rhinoplasty. If we compare the photos taken in 2010, we can see that her nose shape has changed in very short period of time. It has become much thinner and more delicate. There were some other speculations about possible Serena Williams plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation and face filler injections, but these rumors haven’t been confirmed and there isn’t enough proof to consider them being true.

However, Serena Williams has denied all of the rumors about her possible plastic surgeries. Some people believe her and they say that those changes which we see in photo comparisons could have happened for reasons other than plastic surgery. For example, the shape of her nose could appear slightly different because of the make-up she wore.

It is also possible that her face looks different because of different lighting, view angle or her facial expression. One way or another, she certainly isn’t one of the plastic surgery addicted celebrities and she looks natural. Celebrity world is full of stories about plastic surgeries that went wrong, but this story surely isn’t one of them. Even if Serena Williams did have a plastic surgery, it was done very professionally and made very subtle changes on her appearance without drastically changing any of her features.

All things considered, there is some suspicion that there was at least one Serena Williams plastic surgery. However, we still don’t know if it really happened or if it is yet another rumor. One thing is clear – Serena Williams looks great and it doesn’t look that she would need any kind of plastic surgery to look that way. For now, she looks as natural as it gets, but only the time will show if she will decide to surgically alter her looks when she will begin to grow older.

Did Serena Williams Undergone Plastic Surgery

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