Serj Tankian net worth

Serj Tankian net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian net worth

It has been reported that the total size of Serj Tankian net worth today reaches 18 million dollars. He has earned his net worth through his successful involvement into music. He is a singer, song writer, instrument player, record producer and composer. In addition to all these involvements, Serj Tankian is also known as a poet as well as a political activist.

Serj Tankian to many people is mostly known as a leading member of the band called “System of a Down”. In 1994, this band was formed by four people of Armenian-African origin. This band has served as one of the main sources of Serj Tankian net worth. As a member of this band, the musician has released five studio albums.

In addition to his career in this band, he is also known as a solo act. As such, he has also released five studio albums, including “Orca”, “Elect the Dead”, “Jazz-Iz-Christ”, “Harakiri” and “Imperfect Harmonies”. The sales of these albums have also added up to the overall sum of Serj Tankian net worth. In addition to all these albums, a live album of “Elect the Dead” was also released, where Serj Tankian was accompanied by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

In 2002, Serj Tankian was also one of the establishers of a political organization called “Axis of Justice”. In addition, Serj Tankian is a founder of his own record label called Serjical Strike Records. This involvement has also added up to the total amount of Serj Tankian net worth.

Serj Tankian was born in 1967 in Lebanon. However, when he was still a kid, he moved to live to Los Angeles in California with his parents. He met with his later to become band mates from the “System of the Down” when he was still attending school. Serj Tankian was also studying at California State University. It was also this time when he got involved into music more and more and began to write and compose songs and play various instruments.

The initial title of the band “System of a Down” was “Soil”. However, when some members of the band left it, the remaining members wanted to still be involved into music and thus they changed their name to what is today known as “System of a Down”. The name of the band comes from a poem written by Malakian, who is a member of the band, the poem being called “Victims of a Down”.

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serj tankian net worth serj tankian net worth serj tankian net worth

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