Shabba Ranks net worth

Shabba Ranks net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Shabba Ranks

Shabba Ranks net worth

It has been claimed that the overall size of Shabba Ranks net worth reaches 1 million dollars and it is expected that it will increase in the future. Shabba Ranks is a dancehall musician from Jamaica. Talking about his generation, Shabba Ranks is considered to be the best dancehall musician. Shabba Ranks is also considered as the first DJ from Jamaica who was recognized internationally.

Shabba Ranks was born in Jamaica in 1966. Shabba Ranks became known not because of singing, but because of his unique style of rapping. In the end of the 1980s, Shabba Ranks became known internationally and with this recognition Shabba Ranks net worth also began to increase. In addition to his solo career, Shabba Ranks has also worked with many other people from music industry, such as Cocoa Tea, Crystal, KRS-One and Chuck Berry.

In 1991, Shabba Ranks got a chance to get signed to Epic Records. Under this label, five albums of the singer were released. Shabba Ranks is also considered as one of not so many Dancehall musicians who became popular to the mainstream audience. Therefore, this career not only increased Shabba Ranks net worth, but also made him known internationally.

In 1991, Shabba Ranks released an album called “Just Reality”, from which a single called “Dem bow” was released. The single became known as one of the first songs of reggaeton music. Because of this style, the song also became a title of reggaeton genre, especially in Puerto Rico. Internationally, Shabba Ranks became mostly known for his song called “Mr. Loverman”. Other songs which also made him popular for international audiences were “Wicked inna Bed”, “Respect”, “Trailer Load a Girls”, “Ting a Ling” and many more. These songs also added up to the total size of Shabba Ranks net worth.

In 1993, Shabba Ranks collaborated into making a soundtrack for the hit comedy movie called “Addams Family Values”. In 1995, another album of the rapper was released, which was called “A Mi Shabba”. However, this album did not bring much success and in the following year, the label stopped representing him. However, for his music, Shabba Ranks was awarded with two Grammy Awards. Moreover, in 1999, Shabba Ranks album of the greatest hits was released under the Epic Records. The album was called “Shabba Ranks and Friends”. In 2002, Shabba Ranks made one of his dreams come true when he got a chance to sing a duo with Alan Price.

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shabba ranks net worth shabba ranks net worth shabba ranks net worth

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