Shakira net worth

Shakira net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About Shakira

Shakira net worth

Shakira is one of the most well known names in the entertainment industry. Some sources state that the overall amount of Shakira net worth today reaches 200 million dollars, however, other sources claim that it reaches 140 million dollars. Shakira is known as a singer, songwriter, actress, producer and dancer, which all are important sources of Shakira net worth.

Shakira became known in Columbia and Latin America in 1990s and began rising in the public all around the world. Shakira started singing when she was still studying at school. She would usually incorporate her singing abilities with belly dancing, which was not that much usual at that time. In addition to her amazing performing abilities, she is also able to speak various languages. Shakira is a native Spanish speaker and can speak fluently English. In addition to that, the singer is also able to communicate in French, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan and Arabic.

It is worth mentioning that her start in the music industry was not so brilliant. At first, she did not gain a lot of attention with her two albums, which were released in Columbia and did not help to gain her more popularity outside the country.

Thus, seeing that, Shakira decided to make her own music brand, which proved to be successful. In 1995, she released her first album called “Pies Descalzos”, which gained a lot of success in Spain and Latin America. Her another album also proved to be success, which was called “Donde Estan Los Ladrones?”. The album was well received by critics and 7 million copies of the album were released, which increased Shakira net worth a lot.

In 2001, she released her hit which reached worldwide success “Whenever, Wherever”. In 2002, the single was acknowledged as the best selling single of the year. The single also made her popular in English audiences. Another single which also added a lot of success and popularity to the singer was the release of 2000 called “Hips Don’t Lie”.

In addition to her music career, Shakira is a well known philanthropist. In 1997, she founded her organization called Pies Descalzos Foundation. The main aim of the organization is to help poor schools all across Colombia. Moreover, she has appeared in a lot of charity concerts, such as “The Live Earth Concert” or “Live 8 Benefit Concert”. Thus, in addition to her successful music career, which adds a lot of revenues to Shakira net worth, she is also involved into humanitarian activities.

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