Shane Warne net worth

Shane Warne net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Shane Warne

Shane Warne net worth

Shane Warne is probably the most well known cricketer from Australia. This sport also has added up to increasing the total sum of Shane Warne net worth, which has been announced to currently reach 50 million dollars. Shane Warne is also considered to be the best bowler in the game. In 2000, Shane Warne entered the list of the “Wisden Cricketers of the Century”, which was compiled by a team of cricket experts. It is also worth mentioning that only five cricketers were included into this list, thus, it was quite a high achievement for Shane Warne to be named as one of them. Also, he is known as only one of those five cricket players, who are still active in this sport. Therefore, his involvement in it brought not only financial success to him, but also made him more famous in the world.

In addition to his career as a cricket player, Shane Warne is also known to be a commentator of cricket as well as a professional poker player and these two careers also have added up to the overall amount of Shane Warn net worth. In 2013, it was stated that Shane Warne retired from cricket.

In 1992, he participated in his first Test match.

He had 708 crickets which made him the cricketer who has had the most wickets in any Test cricket. However, his record was broken in 2007 when his score was beat by Muralitharan.

However, playing in this game also added a lot of controversy to him. Shane Warne was known using some substances which were prohibited when playing cricket. In addition, Shane Warne was also accused of taking money from bookmakers, which brought cricket into disrepute. Moreover, other controversy which was surrounded with him was sexual indiscretions.

Shane Warne has played in the Australian National Cricket Team. Also, he has been a representative of the cricket team of Hampshire, and as such, he also held the position of the captain of the team between the years 2005-2007. Therefore, these participations also increased the overall amount of Shane Warne net worth. In 2007, Shane Warne stopped playing cricket internationally, although this involvement added a lot to the total sum of Shane Warne net worth.

Also, at the same time, other great cricketers also retired from the game, those being Damien Martyn, Glenn McGrath and Justin Langer. Therefore, it made people to speculate that it was the end of Australian cricket.

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shane warne net worth shane warne net worth shane warne net worth

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