Shannon Elizabeth net worth

Shannon Elizabeth net worth

Net Worth: $9 Million

About Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth net worth

It has been reported that the total amount of Shannon Elizabeth net worth today reaches as much as 9 million dollars, and she has accumulated such amount of money because of her career into modelling as well as acting. Shannon Elizabeth, however, to a bigger part of the audience is known as an actress from the movie of “American Pie”. This movie has also added up a lot to the total size of Shannon Elizabeth net worth. However, Shannon Elizabeth has also appeared in some TV series as well as reality TV shows.

As a model, Shannon Elizabeth has posed for Maxim as well as Playboy magazines. Thus, her career into modelling has also increased the overall amount of Shannon Elizabeth net worth. She is also known as an avid poker player and has participated in poker championships.

Shannon Elizabeth was born in Texas in 1973. She became known to the public not only for her appearance in the movie “American Pie”, but also because of her roles in other comedy movies, such as “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” and “Scary Movie”.

In 1999, Shannon Elizabeth was chosen to appear in the film “American Pie”, where she appeared as an exchange student from Czechoslovakia.

Because of her appearance in this movie, Shannon Elizabeth not only got a lot of fame, but this role has also helped her to establish herself as a sex symbol in the industry. As such, she has posed, as already mentioned, for the magazines of “Playboy” and “Maxim”.

After her appearance in this movie, Shannon Elizabeth later was casted for roles in “Scary Movie”, “American Pie II”, “Tom Cats” and many more. Shannon Elizabeth has also starred in a couple of horror films, such as “Cursed” and “Thirteen Ghosts”. These films have also increased the overall amount of Shannon Elizabeth net worth.

In 2008, Shannon Elizabeth got famous not only because of her successful acting career, but also because of her abilities in playing poker. The actress herself has stated that poker is her second career and that she enjoys playing it a lot. Shannon Elizabeth has also stated that she goes to Las Vegas quite often, where she is visiting casinos and playing poker with other celebrities in the United States.

Shannon Elizabeth’s personal life is also well known. She married in 2002 to Joseph D. Reitman, however, she divorced him in 2005.

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shannon elizabeth net worth

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