Sharon Case net worth

Sharon Case net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Sharon Case

Sharon Case net worth

It has been reported that the current amount of Sharon Case net worth is as much as 3 million dollars. Sharon Case initially was known as a model, however, today she is more known for her career as an actress, which is also regarded not only as a main source of her fame, but also as a main source of Sharon Case net worth.

Sharon Case was born in Michigan in 1971. When she was just a little girl, Sharon Case was attending jazz and ballet lessons. When she moved with her family to California, Sharon Case got involved into modeling. When she was 17 years old, Sharon Case participated in one modeling event, where she was noticed by one talent agent. He offered her to model in Japan. Thus, she moved there and stayed for five months. After these five months, Sharon Case came back to the United States. Thus, modelling has been her first step into show business, and it also added up to the total sum of Sharon Case net worth.

The first time she started to appear as an actress was in theatre productions. She has appeared in “The nutcracker”, “Grease” and “The Wizard”. In 1989 she started to appear on TV and this was in the TV show called “General Hospital”, which aired on ABC.

In this show Sharon Case played a role of Dawn Winthrop. The show also made her more famous as an actress and also added up revenues to the overall amount of Sharon Case net worth.

In addition to this show, Sharon Case has also appeared as a guest star on many other TV shows, such as “Beverly Hills 90210”, “Cheers”, “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” and “Doggie Howser M.D.”. In the middle of the 1990s, she started to get more offers to appear in various TV shows and examples of them could be mentioned “Valley of the Dolls” and “As the World Turns”. In these shows, she was chosen for recurring characters.

In 1994 Sharon Case got a role which made her extremely popular. It was in the show called “The Young and the Restless”, in which she started to appear in 1994. Sharon Case can still be seen on this show, as Sharon Newman. The show is also regarded as one of the main source of her fame and financial status. For her role in this show, Sharon Case was awarded with five Daytime Emmy nominations.

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