Sharon Osbourne net worth

Sharon Osbourne net worth

Net Worth: $220 Million

About Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne net worth

It has been estimated that the current size of Sharon Osbourne net worth is as high as 220 million dollars. Sharon Osbourne is a well known woman in American and British show business, as well as elsewhere in the world. Sharon Osbourne is mostly known from TV reality shows, but she is also a music promoter and manager, which are also important sources when it comes to accumulating the total sum of Sharon Osbourne net worth.

The star was born in 1952 and her real name is Sharon Levy. Sharon Osbourne’s family is also well known in show business. Her husband is a popular musician, Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon Osbourne made friends with him when she was only 18 years old and when her father was working with Ozzy Osbourne’s band called “Black Sabbath”. Immediately, they started to go on dates and their relationship became stronger. Soon, she started to work with him in his musical career and worked on the release of the album called “The Blizzard of Ozz”. Thus, being a music promoter is also one of the main sources of Sharon Osbourne net worth as well as her international fame. Sharon Osbourne has also helped Ozzy Osbourne into establishing his career as a solo act.

In 1996, Sharon Osbourne created a festival called Ozzfest. The festival proved to be a huge success as it grosses more than 20 million dollars per one year. Therefore, it is also considered as an important part when increasing the overall sum of Sharon Osbourne net worth.

Sharon Osbourne has also established her management company where she is working alone and which is called after her, the Sharon Osbourne Management. She has worked with many well known artists, such as Queen, The Smashing Pumpkins and Motorhead.

Sharon Osbourne became famous when she started to appear in the TV reality show about her family called “The Osbournes”, which was airing on the MTV network. The show was broadcasted in the period of 2002-2005. In 2003, the show also portrayed her battle with the cancer.

In the same year, she got her own show on TV, which was called “The Sharon Osbourne Show”. However, the show did not get enough ratings and it finished after only one season of airing. In 2004, Sharon Osbourne joined the panel of the judges of the show called “The X Factor” in the United Kingdom, where she stayed till 2007.

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