Shaun White net worth

Shaun White net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Shaun White

Shaun White net worth

Shaun White is a professional skateboarder form the United States, who has won to Olympic gold medals. He rose to prominence in 2002, when he first won Winter X Games. Since then, Shaun has never left this tournament without a medal. Shaun has participated in Winter Olympics twice in 2002 and 2006, both times winning gold in Snowboard Halfpipe events. Shaun White net worth is currently estimated at $20 million dollars.

Shawn was born in California, in a family of Italian and Irish ancestry. As a baby he had a serious heart defect, medically known as Tetralogy of Fallot. At the time nobody was sure he will ever be able to lead physically active life, not to mention becoming a world famous athlete. To the surprise of non-believers, after two operations, his heart was functioning normally by the age of one. Not only he became one of the greatest snowboarders in the world, sports boosted Shaun White net worth to tens of millions. White loved winter sports since he first stood on the skies and spent most of his childhood on Bear Mountain and Okemo Mountain, training in small ski resorts situated in Vermont.

At the age 6 Shaun turned to skateboards and snowboards.

Around this period he used to spend hours training in a local skate-park. The boy’s talent was drawing the eyes of both fellow skater-boys and passengers. At the same park White met Tony Hawk, which later helped Shaun to enter the professional competitions. For those who have not heard, Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder with a fortune nearly 6 times as big as Shaun White net worth. Tony currently owns assets worth $120 million. With a help of Hawk, Shaun turned pro at the age of 17 and soon won numerous accolades, including Action Sports Tour Champion title.

Next to his skateboarding career Shaun was training in snowboarding. His first significant victory came around in 2002, when Shaun won the Winter X Games. Soon after this achievement the young athlete earned wider recognition and Shaun White net worth started to grow on the fast rate. In 2006 he participated in his first Winter Olympics. During his first run in qualifications White scored only 37.7 point and for the moment it looked like his time in this competition is over. However, during the second run he recorded 45.3 (keep in mind that 50 is the highest possible score!), improving even further in the finals. Shaun returned from Torino Olympics with a golden medal. In the Vancouver Olympics four years later Shaun recorded a score of 46.8, securing himself a golden medal on the first run in the finals. Despite this success, he chose to do the second run and improved his first result by more than two points.

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shaun white net worth shaun white net worth shaun white net worth

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