Sherman Hemsley net worth

Sherman Hemsley net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Sherman Hemsley

Sherman Hemsley net worth

Sherman Hemsley is one of the most well known actors, who appear in productions of stage, television and cinema. These involvements are the main sources of Sherman Hemsley net worth, which today has been estimated to reach 3 million dollars. After his death, which happened in 2012, he was recognized as one of the best actors, who have ever walked on the earth.

He was mostly known from two TV shows, the first one being “All in the Family” and another one called “The Jeffersons”. These two TV shows added a lot of revenues to the total amount of Sherman Hemsley net worth. In these TV shows, Sherman Hemsley portrayed a role of George Jefferson. Both TV shows were broadcasted on the CBS channel.

In addition, the actor was portraying a role of Deacon Ernest Frye on the TV show called “Amen”, which was aired on the NBC channel. The show also added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Sherman Hemsley net worth. Sherman Hemsley also appeared on the TV show called “Dinosaurs”, where he got a role of a mean boss. The TV show was produced by Jim Henson.

Sherman Hemsley was born in South Philadelphia, where he was also raised solely by his mother.

His mother was working at a lamp factory in the same area. The first time Sherman Hemsley met his father was when the actor was already 69 years old. Sherman Hemsley quitted attending school, when he realized that he wanted to enroll into the United States Air Force, where he served four years.

When he came back to South Philadelphia, the actor was also working at the postal service and at the same time he was studying at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. He moved to New York, where Sherman Hemsley was acting and at the same time he was still working in the postal services. Sherman Hemsley also appeared in a Broadway production, called “Purlie”, where he portrayed a role of Gitlow. Therefore, acting added a lot of financial success to Sherman Hemsley net worth.

Also, when he was still living in South Philadelphia, he was already acting and getting roles in various productions. When he moved to New York, Sherman Hemsley was studying under the coach named Lloyd Richards. Soon, Sherman Hemsley joined the cast of the Urban Arts Company, where he received more and more roles to portray in various productions, such as “The Lottery” and “But Never Jam Today”.

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sherman hemsley net worth sherman hemsley net worth

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