Shia Labeouf net worth

Shia Labeouf net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Shia Labeouf

Shia Labeouf net worth

Shia Labeouf is one of the most popular actors of today. It has been estimated that Shia Labeouf net worth has an amount of 25 million dollars, as of right now. Therefore, it is quite impressive that such a young actor has accumulated such a high net worth already.

Shia Labeouf got involved into cinema industry, when he was a teenager. At that time, he appeared in various TV shows, which gained him a lot of experience in acting. However, it was not until he became acting for the Disney Channel. He was casted to appear in its show called “Even Stevens”, which brought a lot of financial success and started to accumulate Shia Labeouf net worth.

From the Disney Channel Shia Labeouf moved to big screen and appeared in films which became international hits and added more popularity to the actor. It has been claimed that he earns from 5 to 10 million dollars for every film in which he appears. Shia Labeouf debuted as a professional actor in a film called “Holes”, which was released in 2003. The movie was based on a novel written by the author Louis Sachar.

In addition to being an actor, Shia Labeouf is also known as a director.

In 2004, he directed his first film which was titled “Let’s Love Hate”. In 2011, he a short film called “Maniac”, where actors such as Cage and Kid Cudi appeared. Thus, directing is another source of Shia Labeouf net worth.

In 2007, Shia Labeouf appeared in two commercially successful movies, which gained a lot of popularity all across the world, these two being the animated film “Surf’s Up” and drama “Disturbia”.

In the same year he auditioned to get a role in another successful film “Transformers”, where he portrayed a main character named Sam Witwicky. The movie received quite a lot of different opinions, but despite that it proved to be one of the most successful and highest earning films of the year 2007. Shia Labeouf also starred in the subsequent parts of the film, which were called “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”. Overall, all parts of Transformers films added a lot of revenues to Shia Labeouf net worth.

In 2008, Shia Labeouf appeared in one of the Indiana Jones films, which was “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, which was the fourth movie on the series.

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