Shirley Temple net worth

Shirley Temple net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple net worth

Shirley Temple is one of the most prominent personalities of the 20th century, dancer, singer, actress and at one point in a time- United States ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Ghana. She made her movie debut at the age of 3 and gained international recognition as a six-year-old, starring in a comedy-drama Bright Eyes. Soon after this breakthrough Shirley starred in such film hits as Heidi and Curly Top. By the end of decade the girl was a national idol: her image was used to sell almost everything, from dishes and cocktails to clothing and dolls. By the time she turned 22 Temple was so tired from all the media attention that followed her through her lifetime that she decided to give up acting. She has temporarily returned to the show business a decade later. In the late 1960s Shirley ran for the U.S. Congress, but was appointed as the Ambassador to Ghana instead. As for the day, Shirley Temple net worth is estimated at $10 million.

Shirley was born in California, in a family of George Francis and Gertrude Amelia Temple. Her father was a bank employee, while her mother staid home and took care of their children.

Besides Shirley, George and Gertrude, who were of Dutch, German and French ancestry, had two sons: John Stanley and George Francis Jr. Shirley Temple net worth would not have reached such an impressive heights if it was not for her mother, who has always encouraged her daughter to use her talent for dancing, singing and acting. When the girl was only 3 years old, Gertrude took her to Meglin’s Dance School. The following year she was cast for Baby Burlesks, Red-Head Alibi and Frolics of Youth.

In 1934 Temple appeared in Bright Eyes, the movie that launched her international career and changed her life forever. In this comedy-drama the child actress portrayed Shirley Blake, a girl who has lost her father and is living in the house of wealthy but mean-spirited family, where her mom works as a maid. Temple’s performance in this movie was unanimously praised by the critics and garnered her special juvenile Academy Award. As the girl ascended to international stardom, Shirley Temple net worth grew at the increasing speed. During the following decade the child actress appeared on tens of movies, such as The Little Colonel, The Littlest Rebel, Captain January, Wee Willie Winkie, Ali Baba Goes to Town, Little Miss Broadway, The Blue Bird and many others.

What about her personal life? At the age of 17 Shirley got married to an actor John George Agar, who was 7 years her senior. The couple parted ways in 1949, after four years of marriage. The following year Temple met her second husband, a U.S. Intelligence officer Charles Alden Black. Despite their professional accomplishments, Shirley Temple net worth exceeded the fortunes of both husbands.

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