Simon Rex net worth

Simon Rex net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Simon Rex

Simon Rex net worth

It has been stated that the current sum of Simon Rex net worth reaches 3 million dollars. In the entertainment industry, Simon Rex is also referred to as Dirt Nasty. He is mostly known as an actor and TV show host, however, he is also known as a comedian, singer and record producer. Moreover, before he got involved into these careers, Simon Rex also appeared in various adult films as well as was a VJ. These careers also increased the total sum of Simon Rex net worth. AS a VJ, Simon Rex became famous on the MTV channel. Later, he turned to be a famous actor and comedian. As an actor, Simon Rex has appeared in the first season of the show called “What I Like About You”, “Scary Movie 3”, “Scary Movie 4” and “Scary Movie 5”.

Simon Rex was born in 1974 in San Francisco, California. In 1993, Simon Rex started appearing in adult films and starred in masturbation scenes in a movie called “Young, Hard and Solo II” and its second part “Young, Hard and Solo III”. At that time, Simon Rex was 19 years old. Therefore, his involvement into this industry was his first step in the entertainment industry, which began to bring huge sums of money to Simon Rex net worth.

In 1995, Simon Rex began appearing as a VJ on the MTV channel, where he stayed for more than two years. This position made him even more popular in the industry. In 1999, Simon Rex began to get more and more roles to appear in TV shows and movies, such as “Jack and Jill”, “Felicity”, “Summerland”, “Baywatch” and “Everwood”.

In addition to the before mentioned movies in which he has appeared, Simon Rex has also starred in “The Forsaken”, “Superhero Movie” and “The Karate Dog”. In addition, he has also appeared with Paris Hilton in a movie called “National Lampoon’s Pledge This”. Therefore, his appearances in films also added up to the overall amount of Simon Rex net worth.

When he made friends with Mickey Avalon, Simon Rex decided to become a rapper. As being a rap singer, Simon Rex changed his name into Dirt Nasty, by which he is referred to in his musical involvements. Also, in addition to being a solo rapper, Simon Rex formed a band called “Dyslexic Speedreaders”. Other members of the band were Mickey Avalon, Beardo and Andre Legacy.

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simon rex net worth simon rex net worth simon rex net worth

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