Sisqo net worth

Sisqo net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Sisqo

Sisqo net worth

Sisqo is a well known rapper in the industry. It has been reported that the overall sum of Sisqo net worth reaches 4 million dollars. Sisqo is also known as a singer of RnB music, dancer, record producer and actor and all these sources have added a lot to the total estimate of Sisqo net worth. He is one of the singers of the band called “Dru Hill”.

In addition, he is also known as a solo act. As a solo singer, he has released an album called “Unleash the Dragon”. The album included two singles, called “Incomplete” and “Thong Song”. The sales of his debut album also added up to the total estimate of Sisqo net worth.

Born in 1978, Sisqo, before getting involved into music, was working at the Fudgery, where he worked with his later to become bandmates of “Dru Hill”. When one band member left “Dru Hill” in 1999, other singers decided to go on their solo careers. In the same year, Sisqo released his debut album, which was called “Unleash the Dragon”. The album was released under the label of Def Soul Records. Initially, the album’s sales were not so high. However, after the second single from this album was released, the sales of it also increased, with adding bigger sums to Sisqo net worth, as well.

Both previously mentioned singles, “Incomplete” and “Thong Song”, entered Billboard Hot 100 chart quite successfully. The latter singer entered the chart in the 3rd place and “Incomplete” hit the top with becoming a Number 1 hit. In 2001, a doll according to the Sisqo’s appearance was created by Play Along Toys.

In 2000, it was also planned that the band “Dru Hill” will reunite again, however, they began to get into a lot of arguments, because of which the band could not reunite. Also, Sisqo at the same time decided to release his second album, which added more fuel in the band for arguing. Also, it was this time when Sisqo got involved into acting industry. He had supporting roles in films, such as “Snow Dogs” and “Get Over It”. Therefore, his acting career also has added up to the popularity of him as well as increased his net worth. Moreover, Sisqo also appeared on a teenage comedy called “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” as a vampire. His second album was also soon released, called “Return of Dragon”. It was released in 2001 and was certified as platinum.

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sisqo net worth sisqo net worth sisqo net worth

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