Skip Bayless net worth

Skip Bayless net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless net worth

It has been reported that the current amount of Skip Bayless net worth reaches an estimate of 4 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth was accumulated through his careers as a television personality and sports reporter. Currently, he is known to be working for the ESPN channel as a commentator. Skip Bayless is known as a regular in a morning sports program on this channel, which is featured in a morning show “First Take”, where he is discussing sports events with Stephen A. Smith. This involvement is one of the main sources of Skip Bayless net worth today. Also, it has been stated that his annual payment for appearing in the ESPN channel reaches as much as 500 thousand dollars.

Born in Oklahoma, Skip Bayless real name is known to be John Edward Bayless II, however, his father soon started to call him Skip and this nickname got soon attached to him and he started to go by it. Also, since then, he has never been called as John Edward by his parents, but only as Skip. Thus, when he got the first chance Skip Bayless changed his name into Skip legally. Skip Bayless is also known for his family relations.

His brother, Rick Bayless is a well known chef and restaurateur.

When he was attending high school, Skip Bayless was also active in basketball and belonged to his school’s basketball team, which competed in Oklahoma State Finals in 1970. According to him, Skip Bayless was a starter of his school’s team. However, this fact was disputed by many people. However, he was not the best team player and soon decided that he might have success behind the scenes of sports and became involved into commenting sport events, which added a lot of financial success to Skip Bayless net worth, as well.

When he finished high school, Skip Bayless got accepted to the Vanderbilt University. There, he was studying English and History. When he finished university, he soon became a sports writer for “The Miami Herald”. Later, he got hired by “Los Angeles Times”, where he was also a sports columnist. While working in this paper, Skip Bayless was mostly known for writing columns about Steve Garvey and his wife Cyndy.

Because of his successful coverage of Seattle Slew’s triple Crown, he was awarded with the Eclipse Award. Therefore, writing columns has been a huge part of his career as a sports investigator and it also added huge sums of money to Skip Bayless net worth.

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skip bayless net worth skip bayless net worth

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