Skrillex net worth

Skrillex net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

About Skrillex

Skrillex net worth

Skrillex, real name Sony John Moore, is an electronic musician, singer and songwriter form the United States. He rose to fame in 2011 after the release of two extended plays, Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits and More Monsters and Spirits. In November of the same year Skrillex was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards and brought home three of them: “Best Dance recording”, “Best Remixed recording, Non-Classical” and “Best Dance/Electronic Album”. The same year MTV named Sony Dance Music Artist of the Year and he received Sound of 2012 nomination from BBC. Skrillex net worth is currently estimated at $2.5 million.

Sonny was born in 1988 in Los Angeles, but his family travelled from one city to another before settling in North California when the boy was 12. When Skrillex was 14 his parents had to take him back from private school, because the boy could not stand all the bullying. For two years he kept up with the homeschooling program, but dropped out at the age 16. Around the same time Sony was shocked to find out that he was adopted. Since teenage years Skrillex used to love punk and electronic music and was the permanent visitor at the local punk gigs and electro club raves.

It was in those South and East Los Angeles clubs that he developed a taste for electronic music, which eventually boosted Skrillex net worth to millions.

In 2004, when Skrillex was only 16, he joined a rock band From First to Last. At first it was planned that Sony would play a guitar, but after Eric Dale and the other producers heard his voice, Sony was made a lead singer and Matt Good was given a guitar instead. In 2004 the band released its first album with a new member- Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count. After this release the rockers went on sever tours, which were quite successful and among other members’ fortunes increased Skrillex net worth. The group’s second album Heroine was released two years later.

It peaked at No. 25 position on U.S Billboard 200 and was first on Heatseekers Chart. Unfortunately, soon after the band began to tour promoting their new record Sony started suffering serious vocal problems. The band had to cancel most of their concerts and Skrillex went under the knife. The surgical procedure was successful and Sony regained his full ability to sing.

However, soon after this operation Skrillex announced that he will not continue to perform with From First to Last and is going to pursue a solo career instead. In 2008 Skrillex started producing his own electronic music and performing in various Los Angeles clubs. He gained a mainstream popularity in 2011 after the release of Monsters and Spirits. Although at the beginning the record was not popular, eventually it became a relative financial success and added a considerable sum to Skrillex net worth.

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