Slash net worth

Slash net worth

Net Worth: $32 Million

About Slash

Slash net worth

Slash, real name Soul Hudson, is an American-British musician, guitar player and songwriter. He gained recognition in the late 8s, as the member of a legendary hard rock group Guns N’ Roses. After some time with this band Slash went on to form his own super group, Slash’s Snakepit. In 1996 Slash co-founded another American hard rock band, Velvet Revolver, which reestablished him as one of the most popular mainstream performers. Since then this musician has released two commercially successful solo albums, Apocalyptic Love and Slash. Slash net worth is currently estimated at $32 million dollars.

Times has recently ranked him among 10 Best Electric Guitar Players, while Rolling Stone named him as 65th on their Greatest Guitarists list. His riff from the song “Sweet Child of Mine” was placed at No. 1 at Total Guitar, as the best electric guitar music peace that was ever written.

Slash was born in London, in a family of Ola and Anthony Hudson. His mother was a recognized costume designer, working with such starts as David Bowie. For those few who are currently wondering who is Bowie- he is an acclaimed musician, singer and songwriter whose fortune makes Slash net worth look like lunch money.

According to Forbes, David owns capital and assets worth some $215 million. Slash’s father, a graphic artist, was also professionally successful. He designed album covers for a number of stage grinds, including Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. With both of his parents working for entertainers, Slash grew up around music legends and never felt intimidated by their presence. Talking about his origins Soul has once joked that all the other musicians must be freaking jealous for him: while so many American singers are trying to sound more like British and so many British musicians are trying to imitate the black, he is actually both black and British.

As a toddler Slash has lived alone with his father Anthony, while his ambitious mother Ola was pursuing professional career in America. They both moved to Los Angeles when Soul was 5 years old. It was not before the boy turned 15 that he took up guitar, an instrument which eventually boosted Slash net worth to tens of millions. In the late 1970s Slash and his future band mate Steven Adler decided to form a band, but their decision did not materialize until the mid 1980s, when the two formed Guns N’ Roses.

The bend originally consisted of Hudson, Adler, Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan. In 1987 the band landed a contract with Geffen Records and released their debut album, entitled Appetite for Destruction. Not only the album received positive critical evaluations, it topped US Billboard and turned the guys into rock heroes. To this day Appetite for Destruction has sold nearly 30 million copies, making a solid contribution to Slash net worth.

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