Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery

Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery

About Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery

Sometimes celebrities just look so beautiful that people cannot believe that their beauty is all natural. Rumors about possible Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery have been following her throughout her whole career. She is one of the most successful Korean actresses and also, one of the most beautiful ones. She has appeared in various movies such as “My Girl and I”, “The Grandmaster” and “A Reason to Live”.

Most of the rumors regarding Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery started after she has become a new face of “Laneige”. If we look at those pictures, we can see that actress’s face looks unnaturally smooth and just to perfect to be natural. Of course, we should have in mind that those photos were altered with Photo editing programs, so they aren’t really a trustful evidence. There were many different speculations about her possible surgeries, but the most popular ones were face lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and cheek fillers. Some people have stated that there were some changes in Song Hye Kyo’s nose shape – previously it was more flat and now it looks thinner.

However, actress has neither confirmed nor denied any of these rumors. Also, the comparison photos doesn’t show any drastic changes in actresses appearance – there are some subtle changes, but they could have happened naturally, as a part of growing older. Most of the photo which we see in so called photo comparisons are from some kind of advertisements or movies. With all that make up and smoothed out skin, it is hard to tell if there has been a plastic surgery or not. One thing is clear – even if there was a Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery, it was a very small one and it was done very professionally to subtly alter her looks without making any drastic changes. From what we see now, it seems that it is her good genes, healthy diet and staying in shape which help her maintain her youthful appearance.

All in all, none of the rumors about Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery have been confirmed, at least yet. Her fans agree that sometimes actress looks unnaturally perfect, but it seems that this false impression might be created with make-up and photo editing programs. One way or another, she is a stunningly beautiful actress and she certainly isn’t one of the celebrities who have had terrible experiences with plastic surgery.

Did Song Hye Kyo Undergone Plastic Surgery

Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery

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