Stephen Amell net worth

Stephen Amell net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

About Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell net worth

It has been announced that the current amount of Stephen Amell net worth is as high as 2.5 million dollars and it is also expected to grow bigger and bigger in the future. Stephen Amell became famous for his career in acting. He is mostly known from the series called “Arrow”, which airs on CW and where he appears as The Green Arrow/Oliver Queen. This show is also known as the one which adds huge sums of money to Stephen Amell net worth.

The actor was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1981. Stephen Amell is also known for his family relations, as his cousin is also a well known actor from Canada, Robbie Amell. In 2012 his wedding ceremony happened when Stephen Amell got married to Cassandra Jean, who is a model. The couple got married in the Caribbean. In 2013, he married for the second time and it was in New Orleans. He with Cassandra Jean is a parent of one girl named Mavi Alexandra Amell, who was born in 2013.

Talking about his career in acting, in 2004 he was appearing in the show called “Queer as Folk”, where he was chosen for a role of Liberty Ride and in this show he appeared in three episodes.

In the first season of the show called “Dante’s Clove” he appeared as Adam. However, in the second season of the mentioned show, his role went to Jon Fleming. He is also known from the show called “ReGenesis” and for his role in this one Stephen Amell was awarded with a Gemini award in 2007. In the same year, he got one more nomination of this award for his appearance in “Rent-a-Goalie”.

Other TV series from which he is also known include “Heartland” and “Da Kink in My Hair”. Stephen Amell also got a role in the second season of the show called “The Vampire Diaries”. In this show, he was chosen for a role of werewolf Brady. In 2011 he appeared in a film made for TV called “Justice for Natalee Holloway”, where his role was that of Joran van der Sloot.

Other films from which the actor is also well known include the following ones: “The House Next Door”, “When Calls the Heart”, “The Tracey Fragments”, “The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice”, “Closing the Ring” and “Screamers: The hunting”. These films have also increased the total estimate of Stephen Amell net worth.

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stephen amell net worth stephen amell net worth stephen amell net worth

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