Stephen Baldwin net worth

Stephen Baldwin net worth

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

About Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Stephen Baldwin net worth reaches 500 thousand dollars. Stephen Baldwin has established his name as one of the most popular ones in cinema industry because of his careers as an actor, producer and director. In addition, Stephen Baldwin is also known as a writer. As an actor, Stephen Baldwin is known not only from TV productions, but also for his many film roles. Moreover, he is also known as an avid supporter of Christianity. Stephen Baldwin has worked behind the scenes of many productions made for TV as well as films, such as “8 Seconds”, “One Tough Cop”, “The Young Riders” and “Celebrity Apprentice”.

These productions have served as one of the most essential sources of Stephen Baldwin net worth.

Stephen Baldwin is also known to be related to actor Alec Baldwin, who in fact is his brother. Stephen Baldwin was born in New York in 1966. As an actor, he has gained fame because of his appearances in the following productions: “The Usual Suspects”, “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas”, “Threesome”, “Fled” and “Bio-Dome”, amongst many others. These productions have also added up huge sums of money to Stephen Baldwin net worth. Stephen Baldwin is also considered as the most outspoken person in his family, since many of them are also actors, including all of his brothers, Alec, William and Daniel.

The first time he appeared on stage was during a school play, where he served as an opera singer. Later, he was casted for small roles in some TV shows, such as “Family Ties” and “Kate and Allie”. In 1988 he began to get more recognition when he starred in “The Beast”. Because of his appearance in this film, he was casted to appear in “Born on the Fourth of July” and “Last Exit to Brooklyn”.

The breakthrough in his career as an actor came when he appeared in “The Usual Suspects”. In 2002, Stephen Baldwin was a star on the show called “Celebrity Hole Hawaii”. In 2008, he appeared in another TV show called “Celebrity Apprentice”. These appearances also increased his popularity and also added up to the overall amount of Stephen Baldwin net worth. Currently, Stephen Baldwin is living in New York, with his wife named Kennya Baldwin. She works as a graphic designer. They married in 1990 and have two kids Hailey and Alaia.

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stephen baldwin net worth stephen baldwin net worth stephen baldwin net worth

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