Stephen Hawking net worth

Stephen Hawking net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking net worth

Stephen William Hawking, or simply Stephen Hawking, is one of the greatest living scientists, cosmologist, theoretical physicist and Director of Research in the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, University of Cambridge. Among his most significant works are theorems about gravitation singularities and general relativity, as well as black holes and their emitted radiation. Stephen was the first physicist to explain cosmology by laws of quantum mechanics and theory of relativity. For thirty years since 1979 to 2009 Hawking has held the post of the Lucassian professor in Cambridge. Hawking is also an author of many popular science books, such as A Brief History of Time. As for 2013, Stephen Hawking net worth is estimated at $20 millions, making him one of the richest theoretical physicists in the world.
Stephen was born in England, in a family of Isobel and Frank Hawking. Both of his parents were highly educated people, Oxford University graduates. When Stephen was 8, his father started working at the National Institute of Medical Research, where he headed the division of parasitology. Although Frank’s fortune never came close to the current Stephen Hawking net worth, he was a considerably wealthy, highly respected scientist and Hawking family never suffered from deprivation.

Despite that, the atmosphere in family’s house was far from perfect. The relationships among family members were kind of cold and Stephen’s parents, as well as his sisters, usually chose reading a book over talking to each other.
The amazing talent for sciences, which eventually boosted Stephen Hawking net worth to tens of millions, unfolded when he was still in high school. After graduation from Oxford University College, where he studied chemistry and physics, Hawking enrolled at Oxford University. By that time the future millionaire was only 17, making him significantly younger than most of the students. His first year in university was quite difficult to Hawking, but not in academic sense. On the contrary, the teenager found his studies “ridiculously easy”, boring and longed for new challenges. To make things worse, Stephen had difficulties finding friends and often felt lonely. It took a little more than one year before Hawking realized that in order to make his life at university enjoyable or at least bearable he will have to change his own ways. Knowing this, Stephen joined the Boat Club and started building his image as a witty and friendly student. By the end of the same year he was a widely liked member of the community.
What about his personal life? Hawking’s motor neuron disease first showed its symptoms when he was around 20 years old. Around that time the doctors predicted that he will not last longer than a couple of years. As we all know, they could not have been more wrong. Although disease left the scientist paralyzed, as is well illustrated by the current Stephen Hawking net worth, it did not hamper his professional career.

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stephen hawking net worth stephen hawking net worth

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