Stephen King net worth

Stephen King net worth

Net Worth: $400 Million

About Stephen King

Stephen King net worth

Stephen King is known as one of the most successful authors, whose books are being read all over the world and receive a lot of critical acclaim. Stephen King net worth has been estimated to reach an amount of 400 million dollars, which also shows that he is one of the richest authors in the world. During all his career as an author, Stephen King has sold more than 350 million copies of his books all around the world. In the summer of 2013, it was stated that Stephen King has written 50 books.

A lot of of them became basis for various movies, which gained international success, such as “The Shining”, “Carrie”, “Stand by Me” and “Misery”. His creation was awarded with more than 50 literary awards. As the titles of these films imply, most of his novels are marked with horror, mystery and suspense elements. Moreover, his storylines are one of the best amongst all the novelists.

Stephen King has also appeared in some of his films, such as “The Stand”, where he portrayed a role of Teddy Weiszack and “Pet Cemetery” where he appeared as a minister in funeral. Thus, his cameo appearances in films also added a lot of revenues to Stephen King net worth.

Moreover, Stephen King was casted to appear in some TV series, as well, such as “Sons of Anarchy” and “Kingdom Hospital”.

Talking more about his as a writer, Stephen King has written seven books, in which it is indicated that they were written by Richard Bachman., which is his pen name. Moreover, Stephen King has written a few short stories and five non-fictional books.

Also, he likes to advise people who want to become writers, such as advising them to spend at least four to six hours of writing per day. Moreover, Stephen King is known as the most dedicated writer. During one day, his goal is to write 2000 words and he does not stop writing until he finishes this attempt.

One of the main influences of him to become a writer has been Richard Matheson and his book called “The Shrinking Man”. Furthermore, in some of his novels Stephen King likes to refer to other authors and novelists. Thus, his writing is loved all across the world and his novels have a lot of critical success and are one of the most popular amongst the readers. Thus, the sales of his books add a lot of financial success to Stephen King net worth.

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stephen king net worth stephen king net worth

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