Steve Carell net worth

Steve Carell net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Steve Carell

Steve Carell net worth

Steven Johnson Carell, professionally known as Steve Carell, is a popular American comedian, voice artist, actor, writer, director and producer. For five years he worked on the TV program The Daily Show with John Stewart and rose to fame in the late 2000s, appearing on the American remake of hit British series The Office. During his lengthy career Steve has a appeared on a number of successful comedy films, including Little Miss Sunshine, 40-Year Old Virgin, Dan in Real Life, Evan Almighty, Date Night, Get Smart, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Dinner for Schmucks and most notably- Crazy, Stupid, Love. Carell has also dubbed animated characters in movies Despicable Me and Horton Hears a Who! Steve Carell net worth is currently estimated at $45 million.

Steven was born in Acton, in a family of Harriet and Edwin A. Carell. His mother was a psychiatric nurse, while his father worked as an electric engineer. Steven’s uncle from his mother’s family line, Stanley Koch, was a significant scientist who worked with Allen B. Dumont on the project which resulted in creation of cathode ray tubes.

His father’s family originated from Italy and was originally named Caroselli, but Edwin decided to make it shorter. Both of Steven’s parents were deeply religious people and raised their son Roman Catholic.

He graduated Middlesex School, where he was a member of high’s ice hockey team, and went on to study history at Denison University. By the time future-actor earned his bachelor degree, Steve Carell net worth was not much above zero and in order to support himself he had to take a job as a mail carrier. Although it does not sound as the most difficult task in the world, apparently Carell was not fast enough and got fired after a couple of months. Following this, Steve started performing with children’s theatre and later appeared on the film noir musical, entitled Knat Scatt Private Eye.

Steve Carell net worth started to grow in the late 90s, when he was cast for a small role on Dana Carvey Show. Although the program was short-lived and soon was canceled, it helped Steve to get noticed and forged his career. Soon Carell was offered to take part on the popular program The Daily Show, hosted by an American comedian and political commentator John Stewart. In 2005 Steve landed the main role on television comedy series The Office.

Although the first season did not impress the audience, its ratings started to grow following the success of Carell’s movie 40-Year Old Virgin. Various media sources have reported that at the peak of the show’s popularity each of the episodes used to increase Steve Carell net worth by $175 thousand.

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steve carell net worth steve carell net worth steve carell net worth

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