Steve Chen net worth

Steve Chen net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

About Steve Chen

Steve Chen net worth

Steve Chen is one of the most well known internet entrepreneurs from Taiwan. It has been announced that the current sum of Steve Chen net worth reaches 300 million dollars. Steve Chen is mostly known as one of the founders of one of the most popular websites today, Youtube. Also, he served as the Chief Technology Officer of the website and his involvement into creating it increased the overall size of Steve Chen net worth by a mile. Currently, he is also known for other occupations, as well, such as running the firm called MixBit, which is also one of the recent jobs, which are increasing Steve Chen net worth.

Steve Chen was born in 1978 in Taiwan. When he was a teenager, his family settled in the United States. At the same time when he was studying in high school Steve Chen also was a student at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. When he enrolled to study at the University of Illinois, he chose to study computer science, from which he got his degree in 2002.

When he started working one of his first jobs was working at PayPal. There, he got introduced to Jawed Karim and Chad Hurley.

Also, he worked for Facebook but left it soon in order to start his own website, which happened to be Yotube and which accumulated the overall sum of Steve Chen net worth.

In 2005, the website of Yotube was created by Steve Chen and two men with whom he made friends while working for PayPal: Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. His initial position while working in Youtube was that of Chief Technology Officer. In 2006, Steve Chen’s name was included into the list of the Top 50 people who matter today in the business world, which was compiled by Business 2.0.
In the same year, Youtube was sold to Google, which paid 1.65 billion dollars for acquiring it. As a result, Steve Chen got more than 625 thousand shares of Google. The shares which he received from Google have been also announced to be worth 326 million dollars as of right now.

Currently, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley got involved into other business, which is AVOS Systems. Their company has been stated to have bought Delicious, which before belonged to Yahoo. Thus, it seems that Steve Chen is venturing into business and investments more and more and such involvements also add up to the overall estimate of Steve Chen net worth.

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